In response to Covid-19, we are currently making updates to the iSchool course schedule that may affect your planned class schedule for Fall 2020. Several courses previously planned for in-person instruction will now be conducted online, and others will be moved to a new classroom and/or meeting time in order to better facilitate social distancing. All recently-revised courses are highlighted below.
I = Informatics: The iSchool’s undergraduate minor is changing from Information Studies to Informatics!

From now on, you will find the iSchool’s undergraduate course offerings listed under I instead of INF. Graduate courses remain under INF.


Course Type

Num Course Term Day Time Room Instructor Unique Syllabus Notes
INF 181Individual StudiesWholeWEB BASED 77600 
INF 181EElectronic Portfolio9 WeekWEB BASED 77615 
INF 188TInternship in Libraries and Other Information AgenciesWholeWEB BASED 77640 
INF 281Individual StudiesWholeWEB BASED 77605 
INF 288TInternship in Libraries and Other Information AgenciesWholeWEB BASED 77645 
INF 303DAcademic Success in the Digital UniversitySes. 1WEB BASEDRajashree Kamat CANCELLED 
INF 304DIntroduction to Information Studies9 WeekWEB BASEDCraig Blaha77580
INF 322TChildren's LiteratureWholeWEB BASEDMarion Rocco77585
INF 335CInformation in Cyberspace9 WeekWEB BASEDCraig Blaha77590
INF 381Individual StudiesWholeWEB BASED 77610 
INF 382LInformation Resources and Services : Inquiry and Information Seeking in K-12Ses. 1Mon.
1:00 pm - 4:00 pmWEB BASEDBarbara Jansen77624 
INF 385KProjects in Human-Computer InteractionWholeWEB BASEDEric Nordquist77623 
INF 385MDatabase Management WholeWEB BASEDStan Gunn77625 
INF 385TSpecial Topics in Information Science : Ontology DesignSes. 2Mon.
6:00 pm - 830 pmWEB BASEDSam Oh77691 
INF 387Administration : School Library Management ISes. 1Mon.
9:00 am - 12:00 pmWEB BASEDBarbara Jansen77634 
INF 388LProfessional Experience and Project 9 WeekTues.
9:00 am - 12:00 pmWEB BASEDYan Zhang77635 
INF 388TInternship in Libraries and Other Information AgenciesWholeWEB BASED 77650 
INF 391D.06Directed ReadingsWholeWEB BASED 77655 
INF 391D.07Directed ResearchWholeWEB BASED 77660 
INF 398RMaster's ReportWholeWEB BASED 77675 
INF 399WDissertationWholeWEB BASED 77680 
INF 698AThesisWholeWEB BASED 77665 
INF 698BThesisWholeWEB BASED 77670 
INF 699WDissertationWholeWEB BASED 77685 
INF 999WDissertationWholeWEB BASED 77690