Andrew Dillon


Andrew has been an active researcher of the human response to
information technology for the last 20 years, graduating from the
National University of Ireland (M.A. first class) and Loughborough
University of Technology before being appointed Research Fellow at the
Human Sciences & Advanced Technology Research Institute in the UK. He
moved to Indiana University in 1994 where, amongst other duties, he
developed and served as the founding Director of the Masters in Human-
Computer Interaction at the School of Informatics. He joined the
University of Texas at Austin in January 2002 as Dean and Professor of
the School of Information. Defying professional categorization, he has
held appointments in departments or schools of cognitive science,
computer science, psychology, instructional systems technology,
management information systems, library and information science, and
informatics. Having published more than 100 articles and books on
various aspects of human information behavior and design, Andrew
serves or has served on the editorial boards of many leading journals
such as the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies,
Interacting with Computers, the Journal of Documentation, and the
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and
Technology. He has contributed invited entries for the Macmillan
Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science, the International Encyclopedia of
Ergonomics & Human Factors and the Encyclopedia of Library and
Information Science and has received research funding from NSF,
Microsoft, and CEC among others. He advocates a view of information
science as a means of accelerating discovery and shaping a more
democratic world.


Ph.D. Loughborough University of Technology

B.A., M.A. University College Cork

Areas Of Specialization

Knowledge Management
Human Behavior in Information Contexts
Psychology of Information Creation and Use
Human-Computer Interaction

Recent Publications

Dillon, A. (2013) The emerging discipline of information, Foreword in D. Bawden and L. Robinson (2013) Introduction to Information Science, Chicago: Neal Schuman/ALA, xvii-xix.

Dillon, A. (2012) What it means to be an iSchool. Journal of Education in Library and Information Science, 53, 4, 267-27

Dillon, Andrew, & Doty, Philip. (2012). Extending information studies to the education of open source information analysts. Journal of the Global Homeland Security Education Network, 1(1), 75-87.

Trace, C. and Dillon, A. (2012) The evolution of the finding aid in the United States: from physical to digital document genre. Archival Science, vol 12, 4, 501-519

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YearSemesterCourse NumberCourse
2020FallINF 382CUnderstanding and Serving Users
2020SpringINF 391GDoctoral Writing Seminar
2019FallINF 382CUnderstanding and Serving Users
2019SpringINF 391GDoctoral Writing Seminar
2019SpringINF 382CUnderstanding and Serving Users
2018FallINF 382CUnderstanding and Serving Users
2016FallINF 391GDoctoral Writing Seminar
2015FallINF 391GDoctoral Writing Seminar
2014FallINF 391GDoctoral Writing Seminar
2013FallINF 391GDoctoral Writing Seminar
2012FallINF 391GDoctoral Writing Seminar
2011FallINF 391DDoctoral Inquiry in Information Studies
2008FallINF 391DDoctoral Inquiry in Information Studies Scholarly Writing in Information Studies
2006SpringINF 180JIntroduction to Information Studies
2005SpringINF 180JIntroduction to Information Studies