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MSIS Degree Requirements

Program Overview

Our versatile MSIS curriculum is comprised of 36 semester hours of coursework:

  • Core Course - 3 credit hours 
  • Electives - 30 credit hours
  • Capstone Experience - 3 credit hours 

Refer to the MSIS Program Handbook for more information on the specific curriculum requirements and policies:



Students should review the tentative schedule of iSchool courses when planning a course of study. 

Academic Advising: Students may choose to meet with an iSchool faculty advisor to plan their courses. Academic advising is optional. Advising for MSIS Students

Core Course - 3 Credit Hours

INF 380E - Perspectives on Information

All students must take this foundational core course during their first year of study.

Electives - 30 Credit Hours

Select from a range of courses offered by the School of Information or at The University of Texas at Austin.

  • Courses at UT: Students may take a maximum of twelve (12) semester credit hours outside of the iSchool. Of the twelve credit hours allowed, students may take no more than nine (9) upper-division undergraduate credit hours at UT Austin outside the iSchool. No more than six (6) upper-division undergraduate credits may be from any one department.
  • Individual Studies: A student may also complete up to six (6) semester credit hours of Individual Studies without special permission from the Graduate Study Committee.
  • Undergraduate iSchool Courses: Students may not count any iSchool undergraduate courses toward their iSchool graduate degrees.

For inclusion on the Program of Work, outside electives must have faculty advisor approval. Approval must be submitted to the graduate program administrator.

Master's Thesis Capstone Option

Students pursuing the master's thesis take 27 semester credit hours in electives.

Capstone Experience - 3 Credit Hours

Students must select one of four Capstone Experience options:

  • Professional Experience Project (PEP)
  • Master's Report
  • Master's Thesis
  • School Library Practicum

Master's Thesis Capstone Option

Students pursuing the master's thesis take 6 semester credit hours split between two semesters.