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MSIS Capstone

About the Capstone Experience

In the final semester of their academic studies, all MSIS students must complete a "capping" experience, which enables them to integrate their professional education and the intellectual and institutional vocations toward which they are striving. This is to be a culminating experience that synthesizes a variety of skills, knowledge, and expertise while demonstrating that the student can lead an independent project. When considering a Capstone experience, students are strongly encouraged to review the Capstone student manual and consult with their individual academic advisor as well as the iSchool's Career Development Office.

Capstone Handbook

This manual contains information on requirements, timing, forms, and the like for master’s degree students as you prepare for and complete your required Capstone experience in any of four options: professional experience project (PEP), master’s report, master’s thesis, or school library practicum.

MSIS Capstone Handbook

Capstone Experience Options

Professional Experience Project (PEP)

The PEP is intended to allow you to apply the knowledge you gleaned from your coursework to a real-world problem in a real-world setting. In a single semester, you will complete a fieldwork-based project under the primary guidance of a field supervisor from the organization sponsoring your project.

Master's Report

The master's report is a substantive, publishable-quality paper synthesizing a domain or area of investigation that demonstrates familiarity with major concepts and issues in a theoretical and rigorous manner. Working with the guidance of a faculty advisor and a second faculty reader, you will write a publishable-quality paper on a topic of your choice in a single semester.

Master's Thesis

A master's thesis is a research project resulting in a substantive paper that involves original collection or treatment of data and/or results. Working with the guidance of a faculty advisor and a second faculty reader, you will write a publishable-quality paper on a topic of your choice across two semesters.

School Library Practicum

A school library practicum serves as the fourth capstone option for the master’s degree. This practicum is required for students seeking Standard School Librarian Certification in the State of Texas and involves assignment to two different school libraries with a combination of elementary, middle, and high schools, under supervision of qualified personnel for at least 160 hours.


The process of planning and getting approval for your Capstone takes considerable time, effort, planning, coordination, and securing of signatures. Please read the Capstone handbook for specific approval processes.

The first deadline, which is the last class day of the semester immediately preceding the student's Capstone semester, is the date by which the initial completed proposal forms must be submitted to the Capstone faculty for approval. The second date posted is the first class day of the Capstone semester, and the final date for final/revised proposal approval.

Proposal Submission Dates for AY 2022-2023

  Fall 2023 Spring 2024 Summer 2024
Last class day of preceding semester Friday, August 11 Monday, December 4 Monday, April 24
First class day of capstone semester Monday, August 21 Tuesday, January 16 Thursday, June 6