Courses in the Master of Science in Information Studies curriculum should be viewed in terms of three elements:

  1. Core - Required courses that all School of Information students must take early in their program (9 semester credit hours)
  2. Electives - Elective courses (27 semester credit hours)*
  3. Capstone Experience - A Capstone experience course plus concurrent registration in INF 181E (4 semester credit hours)*

* For more information on the specific curriculum requirements and policies of the School of Information, please refer to the Complete MSIS degree program handbook.

Core (9 semester credit hours)

All students must take the following courses during their first year of studies (9 semester credit hours):

Elective courses (27 credit hours)

Electives are to be taken from the range of courses offered by the School of Information, elsewhere at UT Austin, or via the WISE Consortium. Students may take up to twelve (12) graduate credits OR up to nine (9) upper-division undergraduate credits at UT-Austin outside the School with the permission of their advisors. No more than six (6) upper-division undergraduate credits may be from any one (1) department.  Students may not count any iSchool undergraduate courses toward their iSchool graduate degrees.  A student may also complete up to six (6) semester credit hours of Individual Studies without special permission of the GSC.

Capstone Experience (4 semester credit hours)

Each student must complete his or her Capstone Experience under one of the Capstone Experience Courses. The student must also be registered concurrently in INF 181E - Individual Studies in Electronic Portfolio.

Students in the School Librarian Certification Program may meet the Capstone requirement by completing the Practicum in School Libraries course.

Please see the complete listing of courses and tentative course schedules when planning a course of studies.

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