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Master of Global Policy Studies

The University of Texas at Austin School of Information and the Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) School of Public Affairs offer a dual degree program leading to two graduate degrees, the Master of Science in Information Studies (MSInfoStds) and the Master of Global Policy Studies (MGPS).

Students in the program will be able to complete both degrees in three academic years, approximately one year less than it would take to complete the two degrees individually.  The graduates of such a program will be uniquely qualified to fill positions that demand knowledge of public policy and of information generation, storage, retrieval, and distribution. As information increases its public good value, its commodity value, and its value to organizations of many kinds, there is an increased need in both the public and private sectors for persons with expertise in public affairs and global policy on the one hand and in information and knowledge management on the other.

Admission to the dual degree program

Students must meet the separate admission criteria of both the School of Information and the LBJ School in order to be considered for admission to the Dual Degree program. Applicants must indicate interest in the Dual Degree program, in writing, to both admissions offices.

Degree requirements

Students are required to complete 30 hours at the School of Information and complete a minimum of 37 semester hours of work in Global Policy Studies, including a summer internship, as well as demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English. The dual degree requires a total of 67 credit hours, a reduction of 6 hours from the 36 required independently for the MSInfoStds and 12 hours from the 49 required independently for the MGPS.

The two degrees are awarded when the required course work in both areas including the exit course is completed.