Ciaran Trace and Luis Francisco-Revilla Introduce The Augmented Processing Table

The Augmented Processing Table project (APT) is an ongoing collaborative project between iSchool faculty in the field of Human Computer Interaction (Dr. Luis Francisco-Revilla) and Archival Science (Ciaran B. Trace). APT investigates how interactive technologies can augment current archival work practices, and create new and improved ways to interact with archival materials online.


Specifically, APT explores the use of large interactive surfaces and tabletop computing in order to expedite archival processing, and enable the concurrent processing of physical and born-digital materials. The research team has already designed, built, and evaluated two prototypes, and is currently working on a third. Findings on the first two prototypes have been presented at the SAA annual conference and will shortly be published in the proceedings of the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries.

More Information on APT: