Curricular Practical Training (CPT) at the Texas Information School

The following is the process for international students to obtain iSchool approval for CPT (Curricular Practical Training). This page was updated in April 2019.

The UT International office CPT page is the primary source of information on CPT, and provides answers on timing and process. They now provide an online submission system, called myIO. Students should review the International Office procedures thoroughly, including how start and finish dates of appointments align with course registration.

CPT has four options. At the iSchool employment is not required for the degree (Option 1), there is no Co-op program (Option 4) and Option 3 is only for thesis/dissertations (granted very rarely), so CPT must be associated with a course (Option 2).

The iSchool makes three courses available for use with CPT under Option 2 (see below). Students are advised that the most common option is to register in the INF 188T Internship course, either in the same semester as the CPT or, when CPT is in summer, in the following Fall semester (although review International Office advice). Registering in Fall is substantially less expensive (because your 10th or 11th credit is less expensive than your 1st).

iSchool CPT applications must be submitted via the myIO system (the PDF CPT form is no longer accepted) and by generating an email below.

The myIO system requires you to specify the course option (below) and to upload your letter from your employer. It also requires you to specify an approver at the iSchool, sometimes using the phrase "your academic advisor". For CPT purposes that person is the Alternate Graduate Advisor, currently James Howison

CPT start dates

As detailed on the International Office page (heading "What are the earliest and latest start dates I can use for CPT authorization" near the bottom of their page) you'll see If your job will start prior to the graduation date (often around 20 May) for that semester, then you need a letter saying that you'll have completed all course requirements by that date. If your start date is before that date, please include the syllabus for all courses you are enrolled in, helping me see if there are any exams, etc.

Internship Course -- INF 188T, 288T, 388T (1, 2, or 3 credits aka x88T).

This course does not count toward your degree, but no faculty sponsor nor extra work are required. It does count toward your full-time enrollment criteria (hence the options for 1, 2, or 3 credits), and can be taken multiple times.

Registration requires a completed INF x88T Internship form, linked from the "Information for Current Students" page. Complete that form (including the "unique number" the iSchool courses page and attach to the email.

The most common option is to use a section of INF 188T in Fall. This can cover Summer CPT, according to international office rules (and is less expensive than a Summer INF 188T). If you do a second (or continued) internship in the fall after a summer internship already covered by a fall INF 188T, then you will need to register for a second section of INF 188T in fall (not INF 288T). Please send a second INF 188T form with details of your Fall internship. In Fall 2019 the unique code (needed for the internship PDF) for INF 188T is 27335. Unique numbers are found on the iSchool courses page. e.g,

If you are graduating at the end of Summer then you would need the Summer INF 188T code, which in Summer 2019 is 78365.

If you are doing other variants (INF 288T or INF 388T) then get the unique numbers from the iSchool Courses page.

For your myIO application to be approved, you must attach the completed INF x88T registration form via Internship Course link

Professional Experience and Project (Capstone course) -- INF 388L (3 credits).

This course is available for CPT associated only with your PEP capstone. It does count toward full-time enrollment criteria, and can be taken only once.

Registration in INF 388L is required at the time the student submits via the myIO system. Normally students enroll in that course during pre-registration, via the registrar's system.

Submit via Capstone course link

Individual Studies -- INF 181, 281, 381 (1, 2, or 3 credits).

This can count towards the hours needed for your degree, but a faculty sponsor and extra academic work are required, as with any Individual Study. That extra work is equivalent to any other course, and can thus be quite substantial. This course does count toward your full-time enrollment criteria. This can be taken multiple times, subject to same rules as any Individual Studies.

Registration is via the Individual Study registration form, linked from the "Information for Current Students" page. Students seeking to use this option must email that form, already signed by a faculty member, at the same time the CPT application is submitted via myIO using the link below.

Submit via Individual Study link

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