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Views and Printing

This section describes how to use different views in PowerPoint. It also describes how to print your presentation.

PowerPoint allows you to view your slides in different ways to make it easier to manipulate the content of your presentation. It also allows you to add notes to accompany the slides in your presentation which are helpful for creating handouts.

To manipulate your slides in "Slide Sorter" view:

Step 1:
Go to View->Slide Sorter.

Step 2:
To rearrange slides, click on the slide you wish to move, hold down the mouse button, and move the object to a new location in the presentation (between slides, at the beginning or at the end). Lift up on the mouse button when you are satisfied with the new location. A vertical line between the slides indicates the position to which you are moving the slide.

Step 3:
To return to Normal view, go to View-> Normal.

To add notes to your presentation:

Step 1:
Go to View-> Normal.

Step 2:
You will see a frame at the bottom of the PowerPoint window labeled "Click to add notes." Click once in this window and add text.

To print your presentation:

NOTE: You should always preview before printing, so that you don't waste paper or pay for printouts you did not want.

Step 1:
Go to File->Print Preview. You will be shown a preview of how your printed document will look like.

Step 2:
If you are satisfied with the appearance of your document, click on the "Print" button at the top left of the preview window. Otherwise, click on the "Close" button and make any necessary changes.

screen shot

Choosing Options in the Print dialog box :

Step 1:
In the Print dialog box, you will see a "drop-down" menu labeled "Print what:” You can choose from Slides, Handouts, Notes Pages, and Outline View. You can preview what each one of these looks like by clicking the <Preview> button in the lower left corner of the Print dialog box.

screen shot

You also have the ability to choose which slides to print in the Range section of the dialog box, and how many copies in the Copies section of the dialog box.

screen shot screen shot

Step 3:
Click the <OK> button to print.

To print your presentation with your notes displayed:

Step 1:
Go to File->Print Preview

Step 2:
In the drop-down box labeled "Print what:" change the text to read "Notes Pages."

Step 3:
If you are satisfied with the appearance of your document, click on the "Print" button. Otherwise, click on the "Close" button in the Print Preview dialog box and make any necessary changes.

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