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Statistical Functions

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  1. First select a blank cell into which you want your formula to go and then insert a function into the cell by going to Insert in the menu and selecting Function.
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  3. The Insert Function window allows you to search for functions, or select them by category. You should spend some time getting acquainted with the different functions by scrolling through the list and reading the descriptions that appear on the bottom of the menu.
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  5. In this example, we are selecting the built-in Standard Deviation (STDEV) function from the Statistical category.
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  7. The Function Arguments menu is where you specify the cells that you would like to be used in the formula.
  8. screen shot

  9. Here an answer is displayed in the selected cell and the formula appears in the formula bar.
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Text Functions

  1. In this example we are selecting the built-in EXACT function from the Text category that will determine if two text strings are exactly the same.
  2. screen shot

  3. Here the False response is returned because the function has identified that these two sentences are not identical.
  4. screen shot


  1. The CountIf function counts the number of cells in a range that meet a given criteria.
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  3. In this example, we are counting the number of cells in range E1:J12 that contain the word "Book."
  4. screen shot

  5. The function returns the result in the selected cell.
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