Create PDFs from Multiple Files

This function is helpful if you have several .pdf documents that you want to combine into one file.  Let’s say that you’ve been working on a group project, and each person in the group has saved his/her portion of the project as a PDF.  You need to combine all of the PDFs into one file.  Here’s how to do that.   

To start, open Adobe Acrobat Pro.  On the icon bar, select the “Create PDF” icon and scroll to the “From Multiple Files” line.  

menu: create PDF from multiple files


A window will pop up directing you to “Add Files” (or browse for your files).  Click on “Choose” and you can then browse for your files.  After you have highlighted the file name of the file you want to add, select “Add.”  Continue this process until you have found all the files you want to combine into one PDF.   

menu to choose PDF from multiple PDFs

If you need to rearrange how the files are combined into a PDF, the left side of this window allows you to delete, move files up or move files down within the completed PDF.  You can also preview the PDF to make sure everything looks just right.


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