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Import Audio

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iMovie allows you to edit and manipulate up to 3 separate layers of audio. You’ll be able to import audio from a variety of sources: bring in tracks from your iTunes library, grab a song from a CD, or sift through iMovie’s built-in library of sound effects. Once you get your audio into iMovie, they become audio clips that you can drop into the timeline, cut, crop, shuffle, and drag just like any other clip.

Before we start importing tracks, let’s take a quick look at how iMovie arranges and displays our available audio tracks.

screen shot

  • Switch over to a Timeline view of your movie.  You won’t be able to edit audio in Clips mode.
  • Notice your 3 tracks: The top track is actually your Video Track, but each clip’s original audio lives here as well.  Just below are Audio Tracks 1 and 2.  This is where you’ll drop and edit the audio clips you import.

Import Audio

  • Click the Audio tab.
  • The Audio Pane will open.
  • If you’d like to import tracks from an Audio CD, insert your CD now.

screen shot screen shot

  • Choose your audio source with the drop-down menu at top.
    • ITunes Library: Choose this if you’d like to import tracks that you’ve already added to the Mac’s iTunes Library.
    • CD: Select Audio CD, or the title of your CD from the drop-down menu
    • iMovie Sound Effects: choose this option if you’d like to take advantage of iMovie’s bundled effects.  Then choose > “Skywalker Sound Effects” or “Standard Sound Effects” to see the list of available clips.
  • Select a track from the list that opens.  Double-click the track title or click the Play key to Preview your audio.
  • Now you may either drag your track down to one of the Audio Tracks on your timeline.  Or you can position the Playhead on your timeline first, and select > Place at Playhead.

screen shot

  • Shuffle, split, or drag the edges of your clip.  You can edit your audio clips using all of the same tricks you’ve learned for editing video.

screen shot


Adjusting Volume

  • Click the audio clip on the timeline.

screen shot


  • Locate the Volume icon beside “Clip: 100%” at the bottom left of the timeline.  Slide the Volume up or down.

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