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screen shotImport Photos

In this section we will discuss importing photos within the iMovie program. For information about scanning photos, importing photos to your machine, or saving your photos on your firewire drive, please see Holly Robertson's tutorial on iPhoto.

Step 1:
Select the "Photos" tab.

If you followed the directions for using iPhoto Library Manager, your photo library will appear in the window of the Photo pane.

Step 2:
Choose a photo to import into your project.

Step 3:
Select the length you would like your photo to remain on the screen. The image below shows a duration of 8 seconds and 10 frames.

screen shot

Step 4:
You may chooose to use the Ken Burns Effect for your photos. This will add motion to an otherwise static image. A check will appear in the box if this function is selected. Use the preview window in the upper right-hand corner of the interface to judge your changes and to adjust the placement of your photo. The "Start" and "Finish" radio buttons as well as the Zoom bar are the Ken Burns functions. Meddle with these and then preview to watch your picture come to life!

When you are ready to add your photo to your project, click apply. You'll notice the red rendering bar appear again. Wait until the photo has finished rendering before performing another function in iMovie.

Step 6:
Don't forget to save!

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