Creating Curved Paths

In this section, we will learn how to draw a curve with the Pen Tool. By setting anchor points and dragging direction handles, you can define the shape of the curve.

  1. Before we get started, choose File->New to create a new 800*600 px sized document in Adobe Illustrator, leaving settings at the page defaults. We will use this as scratch paper to practice the curve lines.




  1. Using the Control palette, click on the Fill box and choose the None swatch. Then click on the Stroke box and choose the Black swatch. Click on the Stroke Weight drop-down menu in the Control palette and change the stroke weight to 1 pt.






  1. Click on the Pen Tool first and then click and release the mouse anywhere on the page to create the initial anchor point. Next click in another location on the page (don’t release the mouse), and drag, creating a curved path.




  1. As you change the angle and length of the direction handles, the shape and size of the curve change at the same time. By clicking Select->Deselect, you can deselect the curves. Choosing the Direct Selection Tool and selecting a segment of the curve displays the direction handles again.





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