An Introduction to the Gimp
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Download and Installation
1: Downloading the Gimp and GTK+
2: Installing GTK+
3: Installing the Gimp
4: Setting up the Gimp

Image Cropping, Resizing and Saving in JPEG Format
1: Getting Started
2: Opening Files and Setting Magnification
3: Cropping
4: Resizing
5: Saving as JPEG

Working with Text and Layers
1: Adding Text
2: Layers
3: Making a New Layer
4: Layer Stacking Order
5: Layer Opacity
6: Saving Images with Layers

1: Rectangular Selection
2: Elliptical Selection
3: Lasso Selection and Inversion
4: Selection and the Paintbrush
5: Selection by Color


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This tutorial is intended to get you started with using the Gimp, or Gnu Image Manipulation Program. The Gimp is a powerful, free, image editing program that is available for Unix, Windows, and Macintosh computers. The Gimp can be used for many of the same purposes as Photoshop, such as preparing images for use on a website and retouching digital photographs. This tutorial uses the Windows version as an example, but the Unix and Macintosh versions are very similar. This tutorial refers to Gimp 2.0.

Gimp Startup

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