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9 - Junk Mail Filters

Mozilla mail can sort and filter unwanted emails, but first you have to train it. To do so, you will use the Junk mail button at the left of the subject column:

screen shot

1. Select the unwanted message and mark it as junk by clicking on the aforementioned junk mail button.

2. A screen may pop up that informs you how Mozilla Mail finds and scores junk mail. Mozilla Mail will automatically detect messages it believes are junk mail, and, once it is trained, Mozilla Mail can automatically remove incoming junk mail to the Junk folder.

3. Go to Tools to the Junk Mail Controls panel.

4. Be sure to Enable junk mail controls and Do Not mark messages as junk mail if the sender is in my address book.

5. If you would like Mozilla to automatically move your emails into a designated Junk mail folder, select the option to Move incoming messages determined to be junk mail to a local folder in your account.

6. If you would like to manually mark your messages as Junk, you may choose to also move them into a Junk folder or to simply delete them. Click OK.

screen shot

7. Once again, in Tools, select Run Junk Mail Controls – watch as your unwanted messages are carted off to rest in peace in the Junk Folder.

Be sure that you take time, however, to train your Junk mail filter so that it removes only unwanted messages. You may not want to have Mozilla automatically delete messages it thinks are junk until you are certain that it works.

IMPORTANT- It is a very good idea to look at your Junk folder on a regular basis, to make sure that those important emails from your professor are not getting labeled as junk….in spite of what you and Mozilla might think of them….

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