Computer Lab

Overview of Classroom 1.210A

The iSchool maintains a computer classroom space within the info commons, classroom 1.210A. This classroom is open to members of the iSchool for use at any time that classes are not being held in it. To access outside of normal business hours, a valid iSchool ID is required. 

Getting Started

  • ctrl+alt+del to open login screen 
  • Enter your UT EID credentials to log in 
  • station numbers are listed behind the monitors 
    • if there are any issues that need troubleshooting, it is helpful to have that station number recorded 
  • Nothing is stored between user sessions, so make sure that you backup any work before logging out!

Software Available 

The computer classroom computers come with quite a few useful programs installed, all available for iSchool personnel use. Many of the programs or apps we have available are free and open source to use, but some require licenses. 

Currently Installed (with basic descriptions): 

  • Microsoft Suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Publisher, etc)
    • students have access to these licenses through the university's Office365 login
  • MediaArea Open Source Tools - link to dev website
    • MediaInfo 
    • QCTools 
    • AVIMetaEdit 
    • BWFMetaEdit 
    • MediaConch
  • Epson Scan - editing tool if using the scanners 
  • AEO-Light - Soundtrack extraction from film scans 
  • Tableau / Tableau Prep Builder 
  • R - v. 4.3.2 
  • Audacity - software for recording and editing audio 
  • Oculus
    • VR headset app manager 
  • SideQuest
    • The VR headset resource, has additional apps/tools available for use 
  • Unity - Game/App development tool - link to dev website
  • Oxygen - XML dev and editing tools 
  • GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program - graphics editor 
  • ExifTool – metadata editing tool Link to dev forum posts
  • Blackmagic Media Express - video capture, management, and editing tool - link to developer site
  • TeraCopy - File management tool 
  • ImageMagick Display / IMDisplay - convert and edit images - link to developer site

Other Notable Applications

  • Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Edge 
  • Editing Tools: Notepad++
  • Media: VLC Media Player - VideoLAN 

Digitization Resources

The Computer Classroom is set up for handling and converting analog media to digital formats. This includes: 

  • Digitizing cassette tapes
  • Digitizing VHS tapes 
  • Scanning paper documents (and photographs, slides, film, transparencies, etc) 

This equipment, like the computers and programs in the classroom, is available for anyone at the iSchool to use, but if you aren't familiar with the equipment, please feel free to ask staff in the info commons for assistance/information on what is available to you!