Computer Lab

UTA 1.210A is the primary computer classroom for School of Information students. It also serves as the main digitization classroom for coursework in this area. The classroom instructor station has both Macintosh and PC computers hooked up to the projector, which displays onto a writeable WallTalker surface. Laptop connections, a document camera, and VCR/DVD player are also available. For digitization coursework, an Epson Perfection Photo 4990 scanner, a Tascam MKIII-102 cassette deck, and a JVS SVHS VCR can also be connected to the Macintosh or PC.  The classroom has 20 workstations identical to the instructor station, and all stations can also be connected to analog-to-digital video digitization equipment and utililzed for mass digitization of text, images, slides, cassettes, and VHS media. The classroom is also connected via gigabit ethernet switches to the main iSchool servers and Network Attached Storage (NAS) array on the 5th floor. Seminar seating is also provided for 20 students.