Undergraduate Minor

The School of Information supports an undergraduate minor in Information Studies. Students completing the minor's requirements receive a certificate from the iSchool. The undergraduate minor in Information Studies is offered through the schools and colleges at the University that grant undergraduate degrees, and students should discuss this option with their advisors.

The minor in Information Studies consists of four iSchool courses:

  • 1 core course (INF 304D)
  • 1 lower division elective
  • 2 upper division electives

for a total of 12 semester hours

This minor offers a suite of courses to undergraduate students across the University, aiming to support their information literacy and evaluative skills and to help meet the needs for employees of the high tech, governmental, and other sectors of our economy.

The required (core) course is INF 304D: Introduction to Information Studies. This course provides an overview of the information field as it relates to the technology-based world culture. Topics include the idea of information, information in relation to technology and culture, information technology in education, information literacy and the "digital divide," information and communication technology, information and gender, public information policy, and information organization and preservation.

Students earning the minor can take currently existing iSchool courses as well as courses supported by three broad course numbers. Please see information on specific courses planned for the current semester.

INF 335   Information in Cyberspace (multiple sections)
INF 315E   Information and Culture (topics vary and may be repeated for credit)
INF 322T   Children's Literature (multiple sections)
INF 327E   Information and People (topics vary and may be repeated for credit)
INF 331C   Beyond Google
INF 343C   Information Organization and Access (topics vary and may be repeated for credit)
INF 350E   Information Technology (topics vary and may be repeated for credit)

For more information please contact info@ischool.utexas.edu.

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