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INF 385T.12 : Special Topics in Information Science: Ethics of AI





Artificial intelligence (AI) is both a product of and a major influence on society. As AI plays an increasingly important role in society, it is critical to understand both the ethical factors that influence the design of AI and the ethical dimensions of the impacts of AI in society. The goal of this course is to prepare students for the important ethical responsibilities that come with developing systems that may have consequential, even life-and-death, consequences. Students first learn about both the history of ethics and the history of AI, to understand the basis for contemporary, global ethical perspectives (including non-Western and feminist perspectives) and the factors that have influenced the design, development, and deployment of AI-based systems. Students then explore the societal dimensions of the ethics and values of AI. Finally, students explore the technical dimensions of the ethics and values of AI, including design considerations such as fairness, accountability, transparency, power, and agency. Students who perform well in this class will be positioned to take on a leadership role within their organizations and will be able to help guide and steer the design, development, and deployment of AI-based systems in ways that benefit users, other stakeholders, their organizations, and society. The knowledge and skill gained through this course will benefit students throughout their careers, and society as a whole will benefit from ensuring that studenrs are prepared to consider the important ethical dimensions of their work.


Graduate standing.

Instructor Topic Title Year Semester Syllabus
Ken Fleischmann
Ken Fleischmann

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