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I 379C : Capstone





As the culminating experience of the undergraduate Informatics Program, I 379C allows every student to apply their unique skillsets and learnings to a "degree-capping" project that is focused on a real-world problem or initiative. Informatics Capstone projects can take many forms, but typically involve aligning on a specific project and plan with an industry or faculty project sponsor, and then completing the project over the course of the semester. This course is designed to support your capstone journey throughout the semester as you work on your project with your Field Supervisor. Progress in the course is measured through weekly updates and documents submitted directly to Canvas. During the semester, the course meets once per week, and during these sessions we'll focus on items and issues relevant to your capstone experience. You'll have an opportunity to present your work also, through class presentations and the final poster session where your sponsors, faculty, and other students can meet you and discuss your project. Summary of Course Goals 1. Deliver a professional-level project/solution to showcase your knowledge, skills, and abilities. 2. Take direction and feedback from a supervisor working in your applied field of study. 3. Strengthen communication and presentation skills. 4. Manage expectations around project goals, schedule, and deliverables.


Upper-division standing and a minimum of 90 hours of coursework.

Instructor Topic Title Year Semester Syllabus
John Neumann
John Neumann
John Robert Bautista

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