Fall 2023

I 320D  Topics in Human-Centered Data Science : Data Visualization

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05:00 PM - 06:30 PM  SZB 4.508

Final exam/presentation session will be held on Thursday 12/7 7:00AM-9:00AM in SZB 4.508.

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This course teaches students how data is used in decision making, how to work (wrangle) with the data such that it can be visualized and analyzed, how to design and build alternative visualizations (e.g., graphs), and how users perceive and interact with different data visualizations. Students benefit by understanding the underlying theory, and developing their ability to make better visualizations.


This course will teach students to understand data visualization approaches in: “conceptual visualization,” “scientific visualization,” and “visual analytics systems.” Students will learn the fundaments of human perception, color theory, and data-wrangling skills. After this course, students will: 1. understand the best practices for data visualization 2. develop their skills to visualize data using different types of graphs 3. develop their skills to create dashboards and impactful presentations using technologies such as Tableau, and D3. 4. develop their skills for implementing data visualizations that support decision-making


Informatics 304 and 310D.


Restricted to undergraduate Informatics majors through registration period 1. Informatics minors may add classes and join waitlists beginning in period 2. Outside students will be permitted to join our waitlists beginning with period 3.