Fall 2019

INF 304D Introduction to Information Studies

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Overview of the information field as it relates to the technology-based world culture. Topics may include the idea of information, information in relation to technology and culture, human-computer interaction, information technology in education, information literacy and the "digital divide," information and communication technology, information and gender, public information policy, and information organization and preservation. Note: Beginning in fall 2016, some sections of this course will place additional emphasis on Human Computer Interaction.


This course is Web-based, so there will be no class meetings. The course is self-paced. You do the work whenever you want throughout the week as long as you submit everything no later than the designated date and time for each assignment. I recommend setting up a couple of 3-hour time blocks that will help you keep up with the class. The course is divided into three sections: 1. Basic writing skills 2. The foundation of information studies 3. Information studies professions and issues in information studies Each week I will release a new module (or two) that will focus on one topic within these sections. Each module will be composed of the following activities: • Online lecture - Each module begins with an online “lecture.” Read each lecture before proceeding to the assigned readings. While reading, take notes on questions, interesting points, concerns, etc. • Readings – There are citations provided at the end of each module, and all readings are available through the course Web site, Canvas, UT Library Online, or through the World Wide Web. See the “Course Materials” section for more information. • Discussion – Students will engage in, and sometimes lead, virtual discussions about the lecture, readings, and/or related topics each week using the discussion board section set up by the instructor. The first discussion will take place in the “Discussion Board” section of Canvas. You will find more information on discussions in the “Assignments” section of this syllabus. In addition, students will write four essays. https://www.ischool.utexas.edu/sites/default/files/images/webform/INF304W2017227801.pdf