Fall 2017

INF 385T Special Topics in Information Science : Concepts and Practices in 3D Printing

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3d printing is one of the fastest growing technologies commercially available today. This course will highlight the ways in which 3d printing applies to the field of information science in both theory and practice. In this class we will: - Explore the many applications of this budding technology, as well as discuss the implications of what the technology is likely to become in the near future. - Investigate the potential dangers associated with 3d printing, as well as the policy that will mitigate that danger. - Look at how the open-source movement has helped make 3d printing what it is today, and how that has affected the manner in which 3d printing community treats intellectual property. This course will be relevant for not only Information Science students, but also for those in the fields of Computer Science, Architecture, Engineering, Digital Arts, Health-care, Infrastructure, Public Policy, and many more.


After taking this course, students will be able to: - Identify and appreciate the ever-growing applications for 3d printing - Make a compelling case for why 3d printing and maker spaces in general are important tools for cultivating creativity and learning in communities - Understand the complexities of ownership and intellectual property law in America - Utilize 3d modeling software to design and create digital 3d models capable of being printed - Operate, optimize, and troubleshoot a 3d printer and any software used to 3d print


Graduate standing.