Fall 2017

INF 392L Introduction to Audio Preservation and Reformatting

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Study of audio recording through a chronological examination of the development of recording; basic care and preservation of recordings; Preservation of audio archives; and stability concerns of audiovisual media.


Description: An introduction to the preservation of audio through: - A chronological examination of the development and history of recording - A study of issues in the care and preservation of recordings - The economics of in-house vs. "outsourced" audio reformatting - “Hands-on” projects to create digital surrogates Objectives: This class will introduce students to the preservation of sound recordings. Students will gain an understanding of: - The various types of sound recordings and formats - Current best practices and methods for preserving recordings - The professional communities and organizations involved with the preservation of sound recordings - Methods to predict the future of the field https://audiopreservation.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/inf-392l-introduction-to-audio-preservation-and-reformatting-spring-2015/


Graduate standing.