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Meet the iSchool's student leaders

Seven new directors have taken the reins of the iSchool’s official student council, the Student Association of the School of Information (SASI).

From social events to museum visits and information sessions, SASI’s mission is to promote a sense of community within the iSchool and foster professionalism and leadership within the student body. The group also serves as a link between students and the administration of the school and the university.

All iSchool students are automatically constituents of SASI and are given membership benefits that include networking, opportunities for leadership, community building and volunteering.

Meet SASI’s directors for the 2016-17 academic year:

Kelsey L. Belcher

Kelsey L. Belcher
Hospitality Director

"During my initial year, I have focused on the core curriculum and taking classes in a variety of areas to give me a broad background. Coming to the iSchool, I felt certain that I would focus on archiving. However, the diversity of my peers and wide variety of options for study have caused me to explore other areas that I had possibly overlooked."

Advice for new students: "Don’t be afraid to take a class outside of your intended track, and don’t be afraid if you don’t have an intended track at all! If you are an archives person, take a usability class. If you are here for UX design, try out a reference course. Finally, take time to join student organizations and network with your peers and professors."

Belcher's undergraduate degrees: English and History


Katelyn Helberg

Katelyn Helberg
Senate Finance Director

"I aspire to be a public or special librarian, ideally with a health sciences focus or consumer health component."

Advice for new students: "Explore, but don't spread yourself too thin. Above all, follow your gut. Don't listen to someone else's advice if your gut is telling you something different."

Helberg's undergraduate degree: Creative Writing



Arwa Ravat

Arwa Ravat
Communications Director

"I am majoring as a User Experience Designer. I am interested in user research and design."

Advice for new students: "Coming into this course from a different cultural and academic background, I would advise new iSchoolers to build a strong network by socializing and networking with folks at iSchool events, cultural fairs and career fairs. It is very important to connect and put yourself out there."

Ravat's undergraduate degree: Mass Media (Advertising)



Anshulika Singh

Anshulika Singh
Senate President Representative Director

"I am exploring the areas of information systems, information security and privacy, database management and user-centered design. I joined the iSchool to fill the existing gaps in my journey of becoming an accomplished professional, and I am glad I made this decision. The group of knowledgeable faculty members and talented iSchool colleagues is helping me hugely to discover my latent potential."

Advice for new students: "Always aim high and work hard to achieve your goals as there is no shortcuts to success. Make sure to bring in the element of professionalism in every task you deliver no matter how small it is, because that’s how you build your brand which will eventually accelerate your career growth."

Singh's undergraduate degree: Computer Science; MBA: Marketing Management and Human Resources


Shambhavi Srivastava

Shambhavi Srivastava
Senate Representative

"I look to propel my career to the next level by gaining an advanced understanding of information systems in which data, business and technology are envisioned as a coupled entity. I am particularly interested in diverse courses offered in the fields of data analytics and software development."

Advice for new students: "Going to a grad school is not just about hitting the books, attending classes, and making good grades. It’s an experience, a chance to broaden your interests and explore. I believe it’s a second chance to know “what” you want to achieve and “how” you want to achieve your goal/ambition."

Srivastava's undergraduate degree: Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Caroline Stratton

Caroline Stratton
Faculty Liaison

"I'm getting a PhD at the iSchool. My research is about people using information and communication technologies in international development, and I hope to become a professor when I finish the doctoral degree."

Advice for new students: "Be open to exploring a variety of interests and career paths at the iSchool. I started out as a master's student with not much of an idea about my own path, and I'm tremendously satisfied with where I'm going."

Stratton's undergraduate degree: Nuclear Engineering

Sept. 27, 2016