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Annual Report 1999-2000

The school year ending in May 2000 witnessed a dynamic, growing student chapter engaged in a number of professional and social activities. The Executive Board guiding the chapter consisted of:

The Executive Board began to plan for an Archives Week Celebration in May 1999 and continued to work on the event throughout the summer. Originally conceived as a scheme to put banners on archival repositories in Austin, Archives Week soon mushroomed into an entire week of activities that spread the word about archives from as far away as Katmandu, Nepal, to as close as the West Mall on the University of Texas campus. The activities were financed with a monetary gift from Metal Edge, Inc., the donation of 1200 posters from K&M Graphics in Dallas, and the sale of "Archives - Worth Fighting For!" t-shirts.

The momentum developed while working on Archives Week continued throughout the year. An increased, enthusiastic, and participating membership fueled a number of highly successful activities including semester potluck dinners, career oriented programs, and social gatherings. The student members of the Society of American Archivists at the University of Texas during the 1999 - 2000 school year certainly dispelled the stereotypical view of archivists as mole-like creatures pouring over dusty documents.

The Executive Board implemented several changes during the past year:


A List of the Activities:

September 1999

October 11-15 - Archives Week - "Archives ~ Worth Fighting For!"

November 1999

January 2000

February 2000

March 2000

April 2000

May 2000


Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Canby Jackson
President, 1999-2000
SAA Student Chapter, University of Texas at Austin

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