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Graduated from the Faculty of Philology at the University of Łódz, Poland. Worked as a Lecturer in the Department of Old Polish Literature at the University of Łódz. Worked for Polish TV Łódz (own programming: „Literary Variety”).

Represented Chopin Festival in Nohant, France. Radio correspondent for "Voice of Polonia" Australia. Wrote for Polish magazines and newspapers („Rzeczpospolita”, „Pani”, „Dziennik Łódzki”). Currently lives in Canada. Freelance journalist (print media: „Gazeta” (Toronto, Canada), "Polonia Kalifornijska” (San Diego, California), "Teraz" (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), "Polonez" (Cairo, Egipt), "Kurier Zachodni" (Perth, West Australia), "Tygodnik Polski" (Syndey, Australia), "Jazz Forum" (Warsaw, Poland), TV: „Polish Studio”).

Editor-in-chief of a monthly literary magazin "List Oceaniczny", published by "Gazeta" last Friday of
every month.

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