Dr. Ciaran B. Trace, Assistant Professor, School of Information


Research Interests

  • The material aspects of everyday life (particular focus on studying how and why individuals and institutions collect material culture, the intersection of material culture and information behavior, and digital materiality including the study of the artifactual nature of computers, computer systems, and digital objects)

  • Theoretical and conceptual foundations of a multidisciplinary area of research that studies the nature of everyday documents and document work

  • Nature, meaning, and function of everyday writing, recording, and recordkeeping (particular focus on organizational document creation and use, and the role of written literacies in the lives of children and young adults)

  • Nature of archives and the archival profession (particular focus on the current state of archival education and the relationship between technology and pedagogy, and the intersection of contemporary archival work and work practices and Human Computer Interaction)


  • Contact Information:
  • The University of Texas at Austin
    School of Information
    1616 Guadalupe Suite #5.202
    Austin, TX 78701-1213

    (512) 232-3508