Dr. Ciaran B. Trace, Associate Professor, School of Information

Collaborative Research Projects

Information Governance and Algorithmic Accountability - I am working with Dr. James A. Hodges on a project to investigate the areas in which information professions’ skills and knowledge may help to capture, retain, and use algorithms for accountability and memory-related purposes.

Evaluation of the Quality of Online Health Information: Perceptions, Challenges, and Design Opportunities - I am working with Dr. Yan Zhang on a project to investigate people's perceptions of online health information quality and how they go about assessing the quality of health information in the current internet environment.

Understanding Information Needs of Ovarian Cancer Patients and Family Members about Genetic Testing for Interactive Health Technology Design - I am working with Dr. Yan Zhang and Dr. Marian Yvette Williams-Brown on a project to uncover the information needs experienced by ovarian cancer patients and their family members in their genetic testing journey. The results will enhance the conceptual understanding of dimensions of information needs and provide much-needed empirical evidence to inform the design of interactive technologies for cancer patients.

End Users' Perceptions and Expectations of the Quality of Quantified Self Data - I am working with Dr. Yan Zhang on a project to study how the notion of 'quality' is manifested in users' understanding of self-tracking health and fitness data.

The Long-term Value of Self-tracking Data - I am working with Dr. Yan Zhang on a project to study self-tracking as a record-keeping behavior and people's perception of the long-term value of this activity and of the data generated.

Scholars Tracking Archival Resources - I worked with Dr. Unmil Karadkar on the STAR project. The STAR project aimed to support researchers in their information gathering and tracking needs. In particular, we studied the strategies and techniques adopted by these scholars in order to manage, track, collate, and cite these documents. Based on an understanding of scholarly practices, the STAR project developed requirements for a mobile application to support scholars in managing primary source materials.

Augmented Processing Table - I worked with Dr. Luis Francisco-Revilla at the Texas Advance Computing Center looking at how to augment and enhance the way people interact with both physical and digital archival materials. In particular, the goal was to examine how surface computing can be used as a learning tool to make the processing of archival collections more efficient and thereby enhance understanding of the best practices for archival processing.

Augmented Processing Table

Indigenous Ways - Dr. Loriene Roy and I partnered with the American Indian Library Association (ALA) through an IMLS collaborative planning grant to assess the degree of awareness of indigenous ways among educators and recent graduates of programs that prepare entry level professionals in LAM work settings.

Indigenous Ways Project


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