Spectrum Study
Spectrum Study


Spectrum Initiative Longitudinal Study
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Survey Instrument

Life History Interviews

PI Responsibilities

The research approach will entail gathering, analyzing, and interpreting both qualitative and quantitative data on the Spectrum scholars. These data will be gathered through an annual survey of all Scholars and in-depth life history interviews of ten percent of the Scholars.

The initial survey is a data collection instrument that asks Scholars to answer background questions, questions about their educational experiences, and questions about their current employment and plans. All Spectrum Scholarship recipients, including those who did not complete their intended degree programs, are asked to complete the online survey which is available online to Scholars linked on the ALA Web site. Scholars may also request a paper version of the survey instrument if they prefer not to use the online process.

Note that since the Spectrum Initiative Longitudinal Study Research Team does not have access to the Scholars' Spectrum applications some of these background questions might also appear on the Spectrum application. A briefer follow-up survey will be conducted annually with those Scholars who agree to be contacted in the future.

You'll find linked here a non-fillable copy of the survey instrument and the questions for the life history interviews. We append the documentation we provided to secure human subject research approval through the University of Texas at Austin including a copy of the consent form developed for the Scholars. We also provide evidence of the training the Research Team has undertaken to prepare for this study.