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Spectrum Initiative Longitudinal Study
  About Spectrum : Timeline 2002  

January 2002: The ALA Office for Diversity unveils its first Web site.

January 2002: Spectrum Scholars organize a networking program with Jon Cawthorne as their invited speaker at 2002 ALA Midwinter/New Orleans.

Spring 2002: Maurice Wheeler Chairs the 2002 Spectrum Initiative Scholarship Jury

20 January 2002:The 2002 Spectrum Initiative Scholarship Jury Orientation is held at ALA Midwinter in New Orleans.

January 2002: At 2002 ALA Midwinter/ New Orleans a steering committee meets to start planning the first Joint Conference of Librarians of Color.

March 2002: The ALA Office for Diversity announces the First Annual ALA Diversity Research Grant.

Late spring 2002: The 2002 Spectrum Scholars are announced.

June 2002: The fourth annual Spectrum Leadership Institute is held in Atlanta.

June 2002: Sarah Long chairs an ALA Presidential Task Force to grow the Spectrum endowment.

June 2002: At 2002 ALA Annual/Atlanta approximately 30 Spectrum Scholars attend a Discussion Forum.

June 2002: At 2002 ALA Annual/Atlanta ALA Chapter Relations Committee sponsors a program at ALA Annual on “Stop Talking & Start Doing! Recruiting for Diversity at the State & Local Levels.”

June 2002: ALA unveils the new Spectrum Scholarship recruitment brochures, “New Faces, New Era.”

June 2002: ALA Council approves the establishment of the William R. Gordon Scholarship, a $5,000 award to be given as part of the Spectrum Initiative.

June 2002: The Public Library Association (PLA) contributes $100,000 to Spectrum, $50,000 for fiscal year 2003 and $50,000 for fiscal year 2004.

24 June 2002: ALA Council passes a resolution commending Sandra Rios Balderrama on her work as Diversity Officer of ALA.

Summer 2002: The June/July 2002 issue of American Libraries notes that Tamika Barnes (1998 Spectrum Scholar) receives the 2002 Horizon Award from the North Carolina chapter of the Special Libraries Association.

31 July 2002: Sandra Rios Balderrama leaves her position as Director of the Office for Diversity.

August 2002: Hector Escobar’s (1999 Spectrum Scholar) article on the Spectrum Initiative appears in American Libraries.

24 September 2002: ALA Councilor Ling Hwey Jeng and ASCLA board member Judith Gibbons organize the “Galloping for Spectrum” fundraiser for Spectrum in Kentucky.

October 2002: Gregory L. Calloway, Associated Executive Director of ALA, participates in the 26th Annual Chicago Marathon, raising money to benefit Spectrum.

14 May 2002: Michael Moore, film producer/author/activist, donates $25,000 to Spectrum.