Classes and Student Services

Current Classes Include:
INF380C Information in Social and Cultural Context
INF382D Introduction to Information Resources and Services
INF382S Library Instruction and Information Literacy
INF388K.1 Public Libraries

Student Services
Student Support Fund
Capstone: Faculty Advisor
Prerequisites for my Classes
Reference Letters

Dr. Roy's Student Support Fund

In spring 2002 we received a donation of $5,000 from Polly Scilken to start a fund called “Dr.
Roy's Student Support Fund,” the purpose of which is to assist students in attending ALA and
other conferences. The fund continues to be augmented through donations from my publication royalties and honoraria, and donations from publishers, public libraries, and independent organizations. We supported four students' attendance at the 2002 ALA Annual Conference in Atlanta, one student's travel to the 2002 LIANZA (Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa) national conference, a student’s expenses to attend and participate in the 2004 ALA Midwinter meeting in San Diego, student attendance at the 2010 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Boston, student participation in the 2010 Public Library Association conference in Portland, Oregon, and a 2010 student field experience in New Mexico. Please contact Dr. Roy if you would like to provide assistance to master's students for their professional education.

Capstone: Faculty Advisor

Dr. Roy is available to serve as the Field Supervisor for selected Capstone (graduation) experiences that fall within her teaching and research areas, especially topics that support information services for indigenous populations. These Capstone projects include master's reports as well as the Professional Experience and Project (PEP). According to the Capstone Information on the iSchool Web site, the PEP option must be “an academically rigorous, professional-level project.” Students need to submit their PEP proposals well in advance of registration. Capstone students must be willing to meet in weekly face-to-face meetings with Dr. Roy as well as submit weekly reports of no fewer than 100 words. The PEP option must result in a unique product that does not duplicate effort that the student submits for any other course. Students must also have completed the relevant prerequisite coursework to assist him or her in completing their Capstone. Dr. Roy's Capstone students all must have completed at least one course with her at the time of their application. All students must provide final presentations on their Capstones at the end-of-semester public Capstone event.

Prerequisites for my Classes

Students should complete the “Introduction to Information Resources & Services” (INF 382D) prior to enrolling in the “Library Instruction and Information Literacy” class (INF 382S).

Reference Letters

Dr. Roy writes prepares reference letters for students who have completed one or more of her classes and who have worked with her on projects outside of organized courses. If you are preparing for a career in reference and/or library instruction then you will also want to complete, at a minimum, these electives: “Introduction to Information Resources & Services” (INF 382D) and “Library Instruction and Information Literacy” (INF 382S).