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Yan Zhang
Associate Professor
School of Information
The University of Texas at Austin


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(512) 471-9448

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The University of Texas at Austin
School of Information
1616 Guadalupe Suite #5.202
Austin, TX 78701-1213

UTA 5.446

INF385E:  Information Architecture and Design

(Fall 2010-2012, 2014, 2015; Spring 2010) [Recent Syllabus]

The theory and design of information architecture: models that provide structure and context for information to shape meaning, purpose, and utility toward understanding. Students present theoretical reviews; map and design; and develop novel information architectures using a variety of methods and software applications.

INF382C:  Understanding and Serving Users

(Fall 2009-2011, 2012; Spring 2010-2012) [Recent Syllabus]

Overview of information behavior, understanding client groups, information filters, information literacy and information-seeking and search behavior, as well as user studies and usability testing.

INF397C:  Understanding Research

(Spring 2013; Fall 2014) [Recent syllabus]

Survey of the goals, methods, processes, and products of systematic inquiry. Prepare students to understand the logic of research design and critically evaluate information studies research.

INF385N:  Consumer Health Informatics

(Spring 2011, 2012, 2015) [Recent syllabus]

Overview of health behavior theories, consumer health information search and seeking behavior, as well as various technologies pertaining to consumer health (e.g., PHR systems, mHealth apps, and serious games)

INF388L/INF388R/INF181E: Professional Experience and Project/Practicum in School Libraries/Electronic Portfolio

(Spring 2014, 2015) [Recent syllabus]

Study of a practical problem, current phenomenon, or professional issue in an institutional setting/ Fieldwork in a school library under the supervision of qualified personnel/ Creation of a website that displays the student's professional aims, interests, and pursuits, including resume and work samples.

INLS 200: Retrieving and Analyzing Information ( At UNC-Chapel Hill)

(Fall 2008, Spring 2009)

Introduction to and application of the processes that can be used in seeking information, evaluating the quality of the information retrieved, and synthesizing the information into a useful form.