School of Information Skills Survey

Thank you for your interest in participating in the University of Texas School of Information Skills Survey.

The purpose of this informal survey is to evaluate iSchool services by addressing the following questions:

What skills, technical or technological, should a student have when they enter a program like ours and when they leave a program like ours?
What is the best way for students to acquire these skills?

The survey consists of ten questions. As nine of the questions are open ended, participation time will vary. Participants do not need to answer all of the questions and can quit the survey at any time, but cannot return to the same responses if they choose to complete the survey at another time.

The survey is online and open to anyone who wishes to respond. The survey will be available for one month after the next version of the Alumni Newsletter is sent out (currently predicted for the Summer of 2005). We hope to share the results with the School of Information community and use the results to evaluate existing services and develop new ones.

We do not require that those taking the survey submit specific identity information besides the following: your areas of interest and your relationship to the School of Information (faculty, student, staff, alumnus, or other). The servers hosting this page and the survey collect certain information in their normal course of operation (IP addresses, etc.). We do not plan on using that information to identify any participant or in ways outside our normal operations, which can viewed in UT's Web Privacy Policy and Survey Monkey's Privacy Policy.

General trends or common themes, if any, may be made available to the School of Information Community and the public at this site. Full survey responses will only be available to authorized persons at the School of Information.

The survey is now closed! Thank you for participating!

The survey was developed by the iSchool's IT staff with input from the iSchool Community through email and comments on a local Wiki. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email Carlos Ovalle.

Thank you for your time!

-School of Information-