Stepping Up: Library Leaders for the 21st Century

IMLS LogoThe three-year Stepping Up program took place at the University of Texas School of Information, and ended in August of 2011. We're delighted at the caliber of our graduates and their professional accomplishments. Stepping Up graduates:

Funded by IMLS, Stepping Up provides a replicable model of a community-wide cooperation program designed to recruit, retain, and foster the professional growth of current library support staff as they earn their Masters in an ALA accredited program. With a particular focus on nurturing the development of librarians from under-represented populations and those with linguistic skills, Stepping Up enhanced the diversity of our profession.  The management focus of enrichment opportunities encourages these working students to envision a career trajectory rather than a single job.

This site serves as a resource for individuals at information studies schools and libraries who envision a student-centered, educational collaboration.  All Stepping Up materials are fully available for use and modification.  If you would like to discuss any aspect of the program, then please contact Lynn Westbrook [email;phone].  Each section of the site is briefly described below.

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How to use this site

For LIS Programs: This segment provides a guide to the process of developing and implementing a cooperative educational program.  For example, it addresses the means of creating and strengthening communication relationships that evolve into effective partnerships.  In addition, the simple procedures and forms which meet logistical needs are provided.
For SU Students: This segment addresses four subjects of interest to high quality information studies professionals.  First, the ever shifting, evolving nature of our field offers a wide range of opportunities.  Second, that range calls on a self-reflective commitment to continuing education.  Third, moving that education into practice calls for active engagement in shaping our profession.  And finally, the Stepping Up program’s focus on management supports your movement into those positions of responsibility which are so essential to effective growth.  The site offers sets of supportive materials for each of these four subjects.
For Employers: Stepping Up graduates’ experience in and deep understanding of the student experience make them a valuable resource in planning for or implementing such a program.  They are working throughout Texas in academic, special, and public libraries.  Some work outside information institutions as information specialists or information literacy tutors.  Many of our graduates’ professional statements are available for your review. 
About Us: This segment briefly explains the background of the Stepping Up program as well as the roles of the people and institutions involved.