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TSHA Presentation Aqua Fest, March 2008
Power Point Presentation (Firefox)
Ramon Galindo 16mm Film
Channel 6 Video
KVET Sam and Bob Show 1995 Clip 1
KVET Sam and Bob Show 1995 Clip 2

LPI Report, January 2008
Power Point Presentation for Reviewers (MS Internet Explorer)

Power Point Presentation for Reviewers (Firefox)


Artists Among Us: Poster Art in Austin, Texas
Power Point Presentation for the Society of Southwest Archivists, May 2005

DSpace, CyberCemeteries, and Other Active Sites for Community Networking Records
Power Point Presentation for Seventh Annual Community Networking Conference, May 2005

Windows on the Past
Power Point Presentation for the Austin History Center Association and Heritage Society

Changing Times: Changing Traditional Processing Practice
Changing Times Power Point Presentation for Society of Southwest Archivists, 2004

Saving Historically Significant Records for the City of Austin
Records Management Week -- 2004

Preservation in the Digital and Electronic Records III: Problems in Preservation of
Permanent Electronic Records -- LIS 389P.12
Dr. Patricia Galloway -- Spring, 2002

Course study guide

Coming to TERM: Designing the Texas email repository model. D-Lib Magazine. September, 2002.

Coming to TERM Power Point Presentation prepared for e-Records 2002: e-Solutions for e-Government Conference, Austin, Texas, November 21, 2002. Marlan Green, Pat Galloway,
Sue Soy. see also:

Micro Organizational Communication Theory and Research
Dr. Craig R. Scott -- Fall, 2001

Course Web Page
Paradigm: My Two-Cents Worth in the Study of How Archivists Decide
Communication, Social Support, and Burnout: Brief Literature Review
Strengths and Limitations Noted in The Effects of Attributions and Feedback Goals on the Generation of Supervisory Feedback Message Strategies: A Study Conducted by Young Yong Kim and Katherine I. Miller -- Article Review

Organizational Development, EDC 385G
Dr. Ralph J. Gohring -- Summer, 2001

Affinity Exercise
Table of Contents for Class Project

New Technologies in the Workplace, CMS 392P
Dr. Craig R. Scott -- Spring, 2001

Course Web Page
Media Choice in Library Reference Communication Interaction
Pending Information Technology Disaster: Failure to Communicate the Cultural Record of Our Digital Era
Community Networks as Computer-Mediated Communication and New Media

Communication Assessment for the Austin History Center: An Examination of Internal Communication, Spring, 2001 ||| Executive Summary ||| Research Paper ||| Appendix ||| B. Opyt ||| S. Stewart ||| S. Soy

Introduction to Preservation of Library and Archival Materials, LIS 392P.1
Dr. Paul Wilson -- Fall, 2000

Introduction to Preservation Reading List
Defining Preservation
Conservation and Preservation Concerns in Scotland
Will Permanence Exist in the Digital Age?

Electronic Records Management, LIS 389C.5
Tad Howington, CRM -- Summer, 2000

Web sites as Records - Digital Archives for Web sites - Preservation of Websites

Austin History Center Business Case for Digitizing Photographs
Developed for the Austin History Center Summer, 2000

Digital Government, LIS 390.2
Dr. Philip Doty, Professor -- Spring, 2000

OMB Circular No. A-130 -- The Management of Federal Information Resources
Examination of Web-Based Geographic Information Systems

Authentication of Digital Resources including Risks and Failures of Computing

Austin History Center Demographic Data Web Site
Developed for the Austin History Center

Presentation for Conservation and Preservation Lab LIS 3983C, Fall, 1999:
Intellectual Preservation and Reference List

Presentations on Focus Group Research, Fall, 1999

Presentation for Hispanic Women's Network of Texas, February 2004
Oral History Training Session -- Parque Zaragoza Old Neighborhood Reunion Honorees
Oral History Training Session -- Friends of the Pflugerville Community Library, Heritage House Museum, and the City of Pflugerville

Presentation for Records Management -- City of Austin -- April 2004
Saving Historically Significant Records for the City of Austin

Presentation for Oral History Interviewing, Fall 1999
Oral History--How to Do It

Presentation for Oral History Interviewing, Spring 2001
Oral History Training Session -- History of Mexican Americans in the U. S.

Presentation for Collection Protection in Archives, December 2003
Collection Protection at the Austin History Center

Presentation for Records Management Procedures, Spring, 1998:
Records Management Procedures

Seminar: Managing Electronic Records -- LIS 389C.5
Irene L. Travis, Professor -- Summer 1996

Archives and Manuscripts -- LIS 389C.1
David B. Gracy II, Professor -- Fall 1996

Seminar in Public Policy: Public Policy and the Internet
Gary Chapman, Professor -- Summer 1997

Disciplinary and Professional Development of Library and Information Science -- LIS 391D.4
E. Glynn Harmon, Professor -- Fall 1997 Uses and Users of Information -- LIS 391D.1
Ruth Ann Palmquist, Professor -- Spring 1997
Organizing and Providing Access to Information -- LIS 391D.2
Ruth Ann Palmquist, Professor -- Spring 1998
Administration of Information Resources -- LIS 391D.3
Brooke E. Sheldon, Professor -- Fall 1998
Research and Writing Seminar -- LIS 391D.5
Donald G. Davis, Jr., Professor -- Spring 1999
Records Management -- LIS 389C.4
Dr. Susan Cisco, Professor -- Fall 1999

Book Reviews:

Summer, 2000. "Understanding Community Librarianship: The Public Library in Post-Modern Britain" by Alistair Black and Dave Muddiman. Book Review appearing In Libraries and Culture: A Journal of Library History, Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, Volume 35, Number 3, Summer, 2000, pp. 489-490.

Book Reviews in Press:
In Press for the Journal for the Association of History and Computing, an Affiliate Association of the American Historical Association.
· Ishizaki, S. Improvisational Design: Continuous Responsive Digital Communication. Cambridge, Mass: The MIT Press, 2003.
· Bolter, J. D. and Gromala, D. Windows and Mirrors: Interaction Design, Digital Art, and the Myth of Transparency. Cambridge, Mass: The MIT Press, 2003.
· Oudshoorn, N. and Pinch, T, eds. How Users Matter: The Co-Construction of Users and Technologies. Cambridge, Mass: The MIT Press, 2003.

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