Society of American Archivists University of Texas at Austin Student Chapter


By-laws: Amendments:

Article I: Name
This organization shall be known as the Society of American Archivists, University of Texas Student Chapter (Student Chapter).
Article II: Goals and Objectives
  • To provide activities for members to discuss archival issues, interact with professional archivists, and engage in professional activities.

  • To promote communication with other student groups within the University, such as the American Library Association, as well as student chapters at other universities, in order to develop mutual interest of the library, information, and archival professions.

  • To promote archival interest at the University, and within academic departments through seminars, convocations, and curriculum planning.

  • To acquaint members with the objectives, ethics, and publications of the Society of American Archivists (SAA).
Article III: Membership
Section 1. Membership in the Student Chapter is open to all students currently enrolled at the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin with an interest in the archival enterprise.

Section 2. All members of the Student Chapter must also be individual members of the national SAA.

Section 3. There shall be at least five (5) members in good standing with the national SAA to maintain status as a student chapter.
Article IV: Dues
Section 1. As students, members of the organization will be given a reduced rate for membership in the national SAA.

Section 2. Extra dues will be decided by the Executive Board, to help in administration of the Student Chapter.
Article V: Annual Report
Section 1. An Annual Report on the organization's activities in the past year must be prepared and submitted to the Council of the SAA for review at the end of the fall semester.

Section 2. Failure to submit the Annual Report to the SAA could result in dissolution of the Student Chapter.
Article VI: Board of Officers
Section 1. The Board of Officers shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Chair, and Webmaster. The Executive Board shall comprise of the Board of Officers and the faculty advisor (s) (Article VII. Sections 1-4) which will be responsible for the administration of the organization.

Section 2. The Board of Officers shall be elected in the spring of each year to serve for one calendar year.

Section 3. All officers must be members in good standing of the national SAA at the time of their nomination for office.

Section 4. If a vacancy should occur in the office of Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Chair, or Webmaster, an interim replacement shall be appointed by the Executive Board to serve until the next regularly scheduled election.

Section 5. Should the President be unable to fulfill his/her term of office, then the Vice-President shall fulfill the remaining term as President and a new Vice-President shall be appointed by the remaining Executive Board.

Section 6. Any Board member who fails to fulfill the terms of office or to serve in an agreed-upon official capacity may be removed. Such action shall be effective only upon a majority vote of the Executive Board taken at an official meeting. In the event that a Board member cannot fulfill the obligations of the position, a new officer may be instated according to Article VI, Sections 3 & 4.
Article VII: Faculty Advisor(s)
Section 1. Faculty Advisor(s) shall be selected from the faculty of the School of Information.

Section 2. The Faculty Advisor(s) shall be a professional member of the SAA.

Section 3. The Faculty Advisor(s) shall attend the meetings of the Student Chapter, and shall aid and advise the group on matters under consideration.

Section 4. The Faculty Advisor(s) shall be the official contact with the SAA headquarters.
Article VIII: Constitution and By-laws
Section 1. The Constitution, together with the By-laws, shall constitute the operating basis of the Student Chapter.

Section 2. The Constitution and By-laws may be amended or changed at any general meeting or special meeting by a majority vote of 2/3 membership, providing that Sections 3 and 4 have been observed.

Section 3 By-law changes and amendment proposals must be submitted to the President in writing with a brief description and explanation.

Section 4. Notice of a proposed change and its substance of change will be submitted in writing by the President on the communications board or mailed to all members at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

Section 5. A copy of the Constitution and By-laws will be made available to all members.
Article IX: Meetings
Section 1. Meetings shall be held at the beginning of each new academic year and periodically throughout the year as deemed necessary.
Article X: Dissolution
Section 1. In the event of the dissolution of this organization, any funds or assets shall be allocated as designated by the Executive Board in office at the time of dissolution.

A: Duties of the Officers
  • The President shall preside over meetings of the Student Chapter and the Board of Officers; communicate with the faculty advisor(s); check the Student Chapter email address; appoint committee groups; monitor bank account; serve as official liaison between the School of Information and the Student Chapter; represent the Student Chapter at official events; oversee the yearly timeline of events; and ensure University, departmental, and national SAA deadlines are met.

  • The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his or her absence; otherwise also communicate with the faculty advisor (s), assist as liaison between the School of Information and the Student Chapter, and help lead meetings as necessary; represent the chapter at official events; be an ex-officio member of all committees.

  • The Secretary shall attend and record the minutes of chapter and board meetings; report the minutes to the Board and ensure they are received by the Webmaster; in conjunction with the standing Archives Committee keep records from meetings, events, and other communication to be included in the Student Chapter archives; with the assistance of the Treasurer, maintains a list of student members.

  • The Treasurer shall collect dues from student members; oversee finances, spending, and the bank account; receive and record membership dues; assist the Secretary in maintaining a list of student members; reimburse officers and members from chapter monies for expenses incurred performing their duties; file proper financial paperwork with the University; present a financial report at the beginning and end of each term; with the assistance of the Events Chair, oversee fundraising efforts.

  • The Events Chair shall manage and coordinate chapter activities; head the standing Events Committee; assist the Treasurer in coordinating events that also serve as fundraising opportunities as necessary; maintain calendar of chapter events.
  • The Webmaster shall monitor the listserv; update the website to reflect current events, members, upcoming meetings, and past meeting minutes; manage server space, update social media accounts; in conjunction with the standing Archives Committee, ensure digital records are included in the Student Chapter archives.
B: Elections
  • Elections for the Board of Officers shall be held in December.

  • The nomination process shall begin at the end of November. A call for nominees shall be posted to the Student Chapter listserv. The election shall be conducted during the last week of class in December.

  • All elected officers shall be chosen by e-mail ballot according to the procedures established by the Executive Board

  • The candidate receiving a plurality of all votes shall be elected.
C: Committees
  • The standing Events Committee shall meet the objectives of the chapter by organizing and facilitating speakers, fieldtrips, workshops, social events, programs and events. The Committee shall consist of the Events Chair, Vice President, and volunteer student members.

  • The standing Archives Committee shall maintain the records of the Student Chapter, both analog and digital. The Committee shall work with the School of Information faculty to ensure the creation and preservation of appropriate records documenting the activities of the Student Chapter. The Committee shall consist of the Vice President, the Secretary, the Webmaster, and volunteer student members.

  • Ad Hoc Committees shall be appointed as necessary by the Executive Board.
D: Finances
  • All expenditures must be approved by the Board of Officers before funds may be disbursed.

  • Bills must be submitted in writing before the funds are drawn upon. Receipts for all expenditures must be submitted.

  • A semester budget must be planned and accepted by the Executive Board before each semester.

Amendment I
    To: Michelle Frazier, President
    From: Brenda Gunn, Vice President
    Re: Proposal to Amend U.T. SAA Student Chapter Constitution

    In order to encourage and facilitate the continuation and maintenance of the student chapter web site and in anticipation of future electronic enterprises, I propose that we amend the consitution to add an additional elected position charged with the coordination of the student chapter's web and other electronic activities. I propose that we name the position the "Electronic Publishing Chair."

Amendment II
    The Electronic Publishing Chair, Advocacy Chair, Membership Chair, and Social Media positions shall be dissolved and replaced with ad hoc committees as needed or desired by the Executive Board. The duties of the Electronic Publishing Chair, outlined in Amendment I, will be transferred to the Webmaster.

Amendment III
    We, the current SAA-UT board, propose moving the officer elections nominations period to the end of November and the election date to the last week of class, in December. New officers could then be installed during the first week of class in January, with a concurrent transition period of about one month during which time outgoing officers will make themselves available to advise the new board. We further propose that, should this date change be approved by our members, it will not take effect until 2015, i.e. the next board election will take place in January 2015, but that set of officers will have the advantage of holding the next election in December 2015 rather than January 2016.