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I developed a keen interest in Total Quality Management through my participation as a team member in the preparation of Baldrige-based quality award applications for the Department of the Army and Greater Austin Quality Council, beginning in the mid-1990s. I also worked with the Greater Austin Quality Council as an examiner, as a member of the Examiner Committee, and as a trainer for new and continuing examiners. In 1998 and 1999, I served as a qualilty examiner for the Department of the Army. I taught Fundamentals of Quality, Business Process Solutions, and Principles of Performance Excellence as a visiting faculty member for Austin Community College. Currently, I teach Performance Based Management, Project Management and Benchmarking for the National Graduate School's Master of Science Degree in Quality Systems Management and serve as a judge in the Central Texas quality program sponsored by The University of Texas Center for Performance Excellence.

The links provided in this Web page provide viewers with information about quality management, about the basics of ISO 9000, and about the tools used in their successful implementation. The intent is to stimulate your interest in learning more about quality management and in helping you develop your own set of tools for use in your continuous journey to quality. The destination is worth the journey.

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General Information

ASQ Inforsearch and APQ InfoCenter, ASQ (Searchable database of articles)

BPR Online Learning Center - Reenginering, ProSci

* Customer Focused Quality:David Butler Associates

Deming Web Site -- File Archive, Tom Glenn & Del Kimbler, Deming Electronic Network Website

DOD Guidelines on Data Quality Management (Summary), Defense Information Systems Agency

Glossary of Terms, Wizdom Systems Inc.

The Government Division, American Society for Quality

Guide To Total Quality Management: An Annotated and Selective Guide to TQM, Anne Lund & Lise Ingemann Mikkelsen, The Royal School of Library and Information Science in Denmark, Copenhagen

Handbook for Process Improvement, Navy Total Quality Leadership Office (.pdf file)

In Their Own Words, Denise Lindsey Wells Director, Executive Support Division Department of the Navy Total Quality Leadership Office (.pdf file)

Introduction to Quality Improvement, Engineering Science 130, Vanderbilt University.

Juran Article Index, Juran Institute

* Product Development Library: Total Quality Management (TQM): John Stark (Listing of books on Quality Management)

Public Sector Continuous Improvement Site, Department of Industrial Engineering, Clemson University

Small Business Guidebook to Quality Management: Office of the Secretary of Defense

* Total Quality Management: ToolBase Services, National Association of Home Builders

Total Quality Management in Libraries: Denise G. Masters, Eric Digest

TQM BBS Files, Clemson Engineering CQI

Small Business Guidebook to Quality Management, Office of the Secretary of Defense (.pdf file)

Statistical Process Control (SPC), Quality Training Supplies

W. Edwards Deming, MIT

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Quality Tools

* 7 Helpful Charts: James W. Van Wormer, Ph.D.

Benchnet, Benchmarking Exchange (Benchmarking and Best Practices network)

* CQI/TQM Tools, Society for Health Systems

Management Tools, Skymark Corporation

Quality Control Tools, Clemson University

**The Quality Tools Cookbook, Prof. Sid Sytsma & Dr.Katherine Manley, Ferris State University

Review of Japanese and Other Quality Tools, Engineering Science 130, Vanderbilt University

Seven Creativity Tools, The, GOAL/QPC Research

Seven Management and Planning Tools, The: GOAL/QPC Research

Seven Quality Control Tools (7QC), The: GOAL/QPC Research

Tools and Techniques, Kennedy Space Center, NASA

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ISO Information

24 Questions on ISO 9000, ISO 9000 Forum, maintained by H. Ikeda

Executive Digest: The ISO 9000 Quality Management System Archive, Frank Cottier

International ISO 9000 Database, Quality Digest

ISO 9000: Four Steps in Making it Work, Wayne J. Hunicke

ISO-9000: The Preliminary Assessment The Main Audit and the Costs, Assembled by David Butler Associates

ISO 9000 and 14000, Escoe/Bliss Communications

ISO 9001 2000 Translated into Plain English, Praxiom Research Group Limited

ISO Easy: ISO Easy is dedicated to helping organizations understand and implement the ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 standards for quality management systems.

ISO Online, International Organization for Standardization

ISO Table of Contents (9000, 9001, 9001-2000, 9002, 9003, 9004, 10011, 10013), Praxiom Research Group Limited (Much of the site is free information)

List of the ICS Fields, ISO

Premier Certification Bodies (Registrars), World Preferred (An international listing of leading Certification Bodies (Registrars) that have been accredited by one or more accreditation bodies.)

Search ISO 9000 Database, Quality Digest

TQM BBS ISO9000 Files, Clemson Engineering CQI

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American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

American Productivity and Quality Center

American Society for Quality (ASQ)

Association for Quality and Participation (AQP)

The Balanced Scorecard Institute: An independent, nonprofit source of information about applications of the balanced scorecard approach to management in government and other nonprofit organizations.

Center for Excellence (Finland)

Eurpoean Foundation for Quality Management

European Organization for Quality (EOQ)

National Quality Institute (Canada)

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Quality Award Programs

European Quality Award: European Foundation for Quality Management

National Quality Program (Home of the Malcolm Baldrige Award): National Institute of Standards and Technology

President's Quality Award: U.S. Office of Personnel Management

State Awards Directory: Quality Digest

Texas Award for Quality Excellence: Texas Quality Foundation

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