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Yes, my new Web site is almost ready - finally. It uses this general format, but it will contain updated links, information for those new to fishing the Texas Gulf Coast, new pictures (yes, I finally got away to fish some), the new boat, and expanded "how to" and marine weather information links.


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27" Redfish - Port O'Connor
27" Redfish - Port O'Connor

I grew up in Texas City, Texas, just a block away from Galveston Bay. Oyster reefs ideal for wade fishing for redfish and speckled trout were a short bike ride away, and only about 50 yards from shore. Those were wonderful days in which to grow up. Fifty cents worth of shrimp provided a full day of fishing excitement. Hurricane Carla, and the seawall created afterward, destroyed that prime fishing habitat at home, but, in turn, created new fishing opportunities. The commercial netting industry almost wiped out the speckled trout and redfish brood populations, but organizations like the Coastal Conservation Association - CCA , working with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, created a tremendously successful stocking program.

As many of us do, I went away to college, then into the Army, and finally, work took me away from my favorite hobby. Worst of all, I now live in Cedar Park, Texas, a suburb of Austin, almost four hours away from the coast. What a bummer! I occasionally fish the freshwater lakes around Austin, and do enjoy it. I've grown to love fishing the cypress thickets of Caddo Lake on the Texas/Louisiana border and still find fishing a stock tank (pond) can be as exciting as anything. But the things I miss the most are the smell of saltwater breaking on the beach, the watermelon scent created by a feeding school of speckled trout, and the powerful runs of a big redfish on the sand flats.
Speckled Trout - Texas City
Speckled Trout from Texas City

Speckled Trout - San Luis Pass
Speckled Trout from San Luis Pass surf
(Ambassadeur 6000 in background)
Well, I may not be able to fish as much as I want to, but that doesn't stop me from reading, watching, and learning. I hope you'll join me now on a tour of the fishing opportunities in Texas. I've tried to provide links to a variety of information about saltwater fishing this great state. When you've got the time, I hope these links to other sites will help you enjoy fishing in Texas as much as I have in the past, and intend to in the future. Boat and fish with safety in mind, leave the alcohol at the dock, and always keep your hooks sharp.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department: The official source of information about fishing in Texas:

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Marine Weather Information - Starting at the Louisiana border, heading south to Brownsville.

  • Marine Weather: National Weather Service: Lake Charles, LA
  • Marine Information: National Weather Service: Houston/Galveston, TX
  • Marine Weather: National Weather Service: Corpus Christi, TX
  • Current Information: National Weather Service: Brownsville, TX (Click on map for current conditions, or select "Marine & Tropical" for detailed information specific to the southern Texas coast. It's toward the bottom of the Web page.)

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Information about Coastal Fishing from Newspapers

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Links to Other Texas Saltwater Fishing Sites

Links to Guides and Charters

Guides I've fished with or met and was impressed with their approach:

  • Gibbs Milliken, International Fishing, milliken@mail.utexas.edu or 512-327-0905. I met Gibbs at our Austin CCA chapter meetings. He teaches at The University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Art and Art History, College of Fine Arts. He is knowledgeable about fishing South America and is a great person to talk with. He specializes in fly fishing and light tackle fishing for exotic species such as peacock bass.
  • Chad Peterek, Shoreline Guide Service, CAPeterek@cs.com or 361-576-3792. Chad primarily fishes the Port O'Connor area. Every time I've fished with him, the wind has been terrible, yet he has put me on fish. Additionally, Chad is a hard-working guide, an enjoyable person to spend the day with, and supports CCA.
  • Chuck Scates, Chuck Scates Guide Service: cscates@interconnect.net or 361-727-1200. I met Chuck when he gave the program for one of our Austin CCA meetings. Instead of the usual talk about great (?) fishing, Chuck gave us a talk about HOW to fish shallow water, supported by some great slides of speckled trout and redfish in their habitat. I learned a lot from the presentation and liked Chuck's approach to fishing "skinny" water. Chuck fishes the Rockport area and specializes in fly fishing.

Links to guides and charters along the Texas Gulf Coast:

My Fishing in Texas page does not endorse any of the commercial interests shown, nor do I accept responsibility for their performance. This page is intended solely for providing links to information available on the World-Wide Web about saltwater fishing in Texas. I hope you've learned a little more about fishing in Texas. It's a great state with tremendous potential for fishermen (and women) of all ages and interests. If you find a link that may be of interest to those of us interested in fishing in Texas, if one of the links on this page has changed, or if you have any comments on the page, please let me know by e-mail at: ronp605@gmail.com.

This is fun!

21" Redfish - Port O'Connor
21" Redfish at Port O'Connor

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