Hello from the University of Texas at Austin School of Information. In January, 2003, I "came in from the cold," returning to academia after half a lifetime in industry as a usability practitioner and manager. Last year (2017/2018) I served as interim dean, attempting to fill the large and stylish boots of Andrew Dillon. In August I "stepped down" (as I was taught to say – better than the "slink back" I was using) onto the iSchool faculty, joyfully handing the reins to Dean Eric T. Meyer. As a professor, I am eager to continue to explore the theoretical underpinnings of usability and user experience (UX), help develop a new generation of HCI researchers and usability/UX experts, and further promote the design and development of technology that takes into account the capabilities of human users.

I welcome your call, or email, if you want to talk about human information processing, usability/UX practice and pedagogy, HCI design, cognitive psychology, baseball statistics, or bonefishing on the flats of Biscayne Bay.

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Randolph G. Bias, Ph.D., CHFP
Professor, School of Information
Co-director, Information eXperience Lab (IX Lab)
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