INF383D: Mathematical Foundations of Information Studies (Spring 2010)
The University of Texas at Austin

INF383D: Mathematical Foundations of Information Studies (Spring 2010)

Instructor: Matt Lease

Day and Time: Wednesdays 1:30-4:30pm

Location: Meeting in UTA 1.212. This hands-on course will split time between the classroom and the UTA 1.210C computing laboratory.


Course Description

This course will provide hands-on learning of basic statistics and probability using the interactive R programming language. Enrollment will be limited to 11 to allow close interaction between students and the instructor and foster a supportive environment for those with limited computing background. Besides grounding theory in a concrete, applied setting, knowledge of "R" will provide a practical skill students can subsequently apply for analyzing quantitative information arising within their particular area of study or interest.


Course Project: you are free to choose, but here are some ideas

Course Textbook: John Verzani, Using R for Introductory Statistics, 2004



R graphics