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Assistant Professor
School of Information and Department of Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin

1616 Guadalupe Ste 5.202
Austin, TX 78701-1213

Voice: (512) 471-9350 · Fax: (512) 471-3971
Office: UTA 5.442 · Lab: UTA 5.520
· Campus box: D8600

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Information Science involves a surprising amount of flexibility

Research Areas: Information Retrieval (IR), Crowdsourcing (see info & links), & Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Support: NSF CAREER · IMLS LB21CL Early Career · DARPA Young Faculty · ONR SBIR · NY Community Trust · Yahoo! · Amazon
Other UT affiliations: Computational Linguistics · Division of Statistics and Scientific Computation (SSC) · Center for Identity
Faculty advisor: ASIS&T student chapter
Director: UT Austin Information Retrieval and Crowdsourcing Lab

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Spring 2014 -- INF385T / CS395T: Human Computation and Crowdsourcing
Fall 2014 -- INF384H / CS395T: Concepts of Information Retrieval (and Web Search)


SQUARE 1.0 released: open source benchmark for consensus methods for human computation (8/30/13)

Amazon's Mechanical Turk is Not Anonymous: Blog 3/6/13 · Paper 3/7/13 · TheVerge 3/7/13 · Press Release 3/27/13 · Talk 5/1/13

The Future of Crowd Work: Paper 12/12/12 · Blog 2/6/13 · Press Release 2/7/13 · New Scientist 2/7/13 · New York Times 3/18/13

Archiving conversational speech: interview in WIRED (March 4, 2013)

RESEARCH: Datasets & Software

Main Area: Crowdsourcing & Human Computation for Information Retrieval (IR)

Earlier work: data-intensive computing / computational journalism

UT Austin Information Retrieval and Crowdsourcing Lab

Shruti Bhosale, Department of Computer Science
Hyunjoon Jung, School of Information
Ivan Oropeza, Department of Computer Science
Aashish Sheshadri, Department of Computer Science
Donna Vakharia, Department of Computer Science
Haofeng Zhou, School of Information


TREC 2011-2013 Crowdsourcing Track (with Gabriella Kazai & Mark Smucker)
HCOMP 2013 Workshop: CrowdScale: accepted papers & shared task challenge (with Tatiana Josephy & Praveen Paritosh)
CrowdConf 2013 Research Track (with Paul Bennett) -- see brief interview
Springer Information Retrieval: April 2013 Special Issue on Crowdsourcing (volume 16 no. 2)
SWIRL 2012: Second Strategic Workshop on Information Retrieval in Lorne
SIGIR 2011 Workshop on Crowdsourcing for Information Retrieval (July 28, 2011)
WSDM 2011 Workshop on Crowdsourcing for Search and Data Mining (CSDM 2011), with Vitor Carvalho and Emine Yilmaz (February 9, 2011)
TREC 2010 Relevance Feeback Track, with Chris Buckley and Mark Smucker (November 17-19, 2010)
SIGIR 2010 Workshop on Crowdsourcing for Search Evaluation (CSE2010), with Vitor Carvalho and Emine Yilmaz (July 23, 2010)

PAST TALKS (see slides on SlideShare)

Tutorial at SIAM 2013 Data Mining Conference on Crowdsourcing & Human Computation (May 3)
Invited Talk at ID360 Conference: Amazon's Mechanical Turk is Not Anonymous (May 1, 2013)
2012 Frontiers of Information Science and Technology (FIST) Invited Talk (December 12)
MetroCon 2012 (IEEE) Invited Talk: The Rise of Crowd Computing (October 11)
SIGIR 2012 Tutorial: Crowdsourcing for Search Evaluation and Social-Algorithmic Search (with Omar Alonso)
SBP 2012 Invited Talk for Challenge Award (April 3, slides)
IJCNLP 2011 Invited Keynote Crowd Computing: Opportunities and Challenges (Nov 10, slides)
CrowdConf 2011 Tutorial: Crowdsourcing for Research & Engineering (with Omar Alonso, Nov 1, press, slides)
SIGIR 2011 Tutorial on Crowdsourcing for Information Retrieval: Principles, Methods, and Applications (with Omar Alonso, July 24, slides)
UT Austin School of Information Advisory Council talk: Crowdsourcing & Human Computation (April 15, 2011)
UT Austin Linguistics Colloquium: Crowdsourcing for Natural Language Processing (February 28, 2011, slides, MTurk data)
WSDM 2011 Tutorial: Crowdsourcing 101: Putting the WSDM of Crowds to Work for You (with Omar Alonso, February 9, slides)


Quoted in CRM: Siri-ous Influence: Enterprise Virtual Assistants Have Arrived (November 10, 2012)
Quoted in Austin American Statesman: Digital Savant: Sensors bringing technology ever nearer (October 23, 2012)
See also: UT Research Alert coverage
Quoted in Science News: Digital bounty hunters unleashed (October 31, 2011)
Quoted in Data Breach Examiner: Privacy Without Borders: The Ins and Outs of Outsourcing (August 2011)

New York Community Trust award (August 2, 2012)
LIFT award: announcement (August 4, 2010) and follow-on article (March 11, 2011)
Amazon sponsorship for TREC Crowdsourcing Track (August 31, 2010)
Portugal FCT award (July 26, 2010) award (April 23, 2010)
Amazon award (March 23, 2010)



Brown Laboratory for Linguistic Information Processing (BLLIP), Department of Computer Science, Brown University
Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR), Department of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst (lab reunion at SIGIR'09)
Spoken Language Systems Laboratory (
LSV), Saarland University
Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (UFAL), Charles University
Intel Research Seattle at the University of Washington

My Ph.D./M.D. brother Kevin Lease makes iPhone applications for doctors, particularly for geriatrics

Thanks to Vance Faber I have a pseudo Erdös number of 2. Nothing more to accomplish, right?