LIS w385T.6 #88853 Computer-Human Interaction.
This class is designed to comprehensively cover the area of Computer-Human Interaction (CHI). The course content will include the history and importance of CHI, theories of CHI design, modelling of computer users and interfaces, empirical techniques for task analysis and interface design , styles of interaction, and future directions of CHI. Emphasis will be on previous, current, and future research in CHI.
Instructor: John Leggett, Associate Professor of Computer Science,
Texas A & M University and Director of the Center for the Study of Digital Libraries
Class times: TH-F, 3-5 pm in SZB 556

LIS w385T.6 #88854 Digital Libraries.
This course provides an overview of the major aspects of digital library design and implementation. We begin with a brief history of digital libraries and telecommunications to set the context for discussions of metadata schemes, integrated library systems, information design, search and retrieval, copyright and intellectual property, content creation, content licensing and distance learning.
Instructor: Mark McFarland, Head Librarian, Electronic Information Programs Office (EIPO), The General Libraries, UT at Austin.
Class times: TTh, 10-12 noon in SZB 464


LIS f341 Introduction to Internet Resources and Services
An introductory course on the study of Internet resources and services considering the Net as both a tool and an object of study.

Instructor: Kevin Marsh, Executive Director of Internet Access Institute
Unique# 88815 Class times: TWTh, 4-6:30 pm in SZB 468
Instructor: Ronda Rowe, Networked Information Bibliographer, The General Libraries, UT at Austin
Unique # 88813 Class times: TWTh 1-3:30 pm in SZB 468

LIS f382L.17 #88842 Electronic Resources for Children and Young Adults
Locating, evaluating, and providing access to electronic resources for children. Students will explore conceptualizing and creating networked resources for children and young adults.
Instructors: Barbara Immroth, GSLIS Professor, Mary Lynn Rice-Lively, GSLIS Coordinator of Information Technology, and Tanya DiMaggio.
Class times: MTW 4-6:30 pm in SZB 556


LIS s382L.18. #89015 Online Information Resources.
Concepts, principles and practice related to the preparaion, conduct, and interpretation of an online information search. Major emphases include: database structure and organization, especially of bibliographraphic databases, languages for information retrieval, search formulation; online experience in developing and using search strategies, and communicating with the user.
Instructor: Ruth Palmquist, GSLIS Assistant Professor
Class times: MTW, 4-6:30 pm in SZB 468

LIS s385T.6. #89024 C++ Programming.
This is an entry level computer programming course. Upon completion of the course students will have a foundation in structured programming techniques, logic and methodology.
Instructor: Philip Doty, GSLIS Assistant Professor and Cherie Long
Class times: MTW 6-8:30 pm in SZB 556

LIS s385T.6 . #89023 Advanced Internet.
This advanced Internet course will examine techniques to gather and process information on the Web, using forms, CGI scripts, and JavaScript. First, students will examine how to create HTML forms. Before the CGI interface is examined, we will discuss important programming concepts in Perl. These techniques will then be applied to CGI tasks like form processing, database access, and building Web pages dynamically. Finally, the course will examine JavaScript and how it can be used in conjunction with forms and CGI to optimize the information processing. PRIOR PROGRAMMING IS NOT REQUIRED.
Instructor: David Cook, Manager of Training Services, ACITS, UT at Austin
Class times: MTW 4-6:30pm in SZB 464

LIS s389C.5 . #89043 Electronic Records Management. #89043
Topics will include electronic document management system configurations, system procurement and implementation, classification and indexing, and relevant case studies.
Instructor: Susan Cisco, GSLIS Adjunct Faculty, CRM, has more than 15 years of experience in records and information management.
Class times: July 15 - August 7, 1-4 pm. August 8, 1-2:30 pm in SZB 464

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