Workplace Wellness

Task Force

Team Leader:
Siobhan Champ-Blackwell

Task Force Members:
Greg Argo
Tim Bullard
Elizabeth Kennedy Hallmark
Kelli Ham
Mary Hollerich
Mary-Carol Lindbloom
Joanne G. Marshall
Lynne Ring
Pamela Sieving
Henry Stokes

Student Action Circle
Maribel Garza

ALA Liaisons:
Lorelle Swader

Task Force Blog:  http://workplace-wellness.blogspot.com/     (about)

structural element

Planned Projects

  • Developing a personal health passport for ALA members. The passport will be a document with health resources as well as charting documents to help ALA members assess progress made toward achieving personal health wellness goals.
  • Creating a workplace environmental scan that can be used to review working conditions that may impact worker health.
  • Working with the Events Planning Circle to plan a Wellness Fair to take place at the 2008 ALA Conference in Anaheim. The Wellness Fair will incorporate indigenous lifeways.
  • Collaborating on one or more publications related to these efforts.

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Updated 7/20/2007