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FeatherLibraries with Services to Immigrants
    Links to library websites that provide services to immigrants

The Queens Public Library
    The Queens Public Library has long set the standard for services to immigrants with its
New Americans Program.  The program contains extensive foreign language collections,
programs, and information services to immigrants.

Hennepin County Library

    Located in the Minnealpolis region, the Hennepin County Library provides computer
classes, conversation classes, and ESL support in Spanish, Hmong, and Somali.  They
also have school support for children and access to various immigration information.

The Austin Public Library
    The Austin Public Library’s New Immigrants Centers provide classes in English, computers,
and citizenship.  They also have resource guides to the community and immigrant services
in the city and on the web.

The San Diego Public Library

    The Library's international language collection includes materials in Arabic, Cambodian,
Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hmong, Hungarian, Italian,
Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish,
Tagalog and Vietnamese. The library also has bilingual Staff (including Hmong, Spanish and
Vietnamese), English learning materials, citizenship preparation,  literacy services, computer
training and foreign language search engines.

Forsyth County Library
    Since 1997, the Forsyth County Library has provided services to the growing Spanish
speaking population in the area.  Services include a Spanish language collection, conversation
classes, computer classes, outreach programs, and a book mobile.

St. Paul Public Library
    The St. Paul Public Library website has information of their services in Spanish, Hmong, and Somali.

Cumberland County Public Library
    The foreign language center at the Cumberland County Public Library has over 45,000 foreign
language books, sound recordings and videos.  The largest collections are in Chinese, French,
German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese, with modern collections in Arabic, Hungarian,
Italian and Russian.

Denver Public Library
    The Denver Public Library provides GED, English and Computer Classes, Citizenship Class,
and bilingual activities for children.

Boulder Public Library
    The Boulder Public Library Multicultural Outreach program provides discussion groups, citizenship
classes, and cultural events focusing on the arts.

Hartford Public Library
    The American Place (TAP) program at the Hartford Public Library features citizenship classes, English
language classes, VISA and Immigration information, and interpretation services.

Foreign Countries' Services To Immigrants


"Other cultures and other languages in your library."
A guide for immigrants from Latin America. (Spain)

For immigrants and refugees living in Denmark.