Supporting LIS Education Through Practice

Task Force

Task Force Members:
Ismail Abdullahi
Mary Kay Biagini
Sara Albert
Gary Geisler
Hector Marino
Kenley Newfield
Linda Slushar
A. Arro Smith
Larry White
Elaine Yontz

Student Action Circle
Joe Sanchez
Morgan McMillian

ALA Liaisons:
Lorelle Swader

Task Force Blog:  http://lis-education.blogspot.com/        (about)

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Planned Projects

  • Developing a searchable database of national and international practicum/fieldwork/capstone experiences.
  • Providing an opportunity for LIS students who complete practicum/fieldwork/capstone experiences to share their experiences with other students and prospective employers.
  • Collaborate on one or more publications related to these efforts.
  • Working with the Events Planning Circle to plan related ALA programs and events, including continuing the Education Forums.


                  structural element

                    Arro Smith, PhD. student and member of LIS Education Task Force.

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Updated 7/26/2007