2007 ALA Annual Conference
Washington, DC

photos by Della Roy Nohl

The National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) hosted an Honor Dance for Loriene on June 22nd.

Dancer at the Honor Dance
One of the dancers at the Honor Dance.

Dancers at the Honor Dance
Other dancers at the Honor Dance. The drum circle is seen seated in the center of the Potomac Atrium where the Honor Dance was held.  People lined the balconies to watch the Dance.

Pendleton Blanket
Loriene was presented with this Pendleton blanket at the Honor Dance.

Brooke, Loriene, and Alex
ALA Past President Barbara Ford, Loriene, and IFLA President Alex Byrne after the Honor Dance.

Loriene and Ken Burns
Loriene and filmmaker Ken Burns, who participated in the Auditorium Speaker Series June 23rd.

Exhibits Ribbon Cutting
Loriene stands by as Leslie Burger performs the Exhibits Ribbon Cutting, June 23rd.

iSchoolers at reception
UT-Austin School of Information students at the iSchool Alumni Reception on June 23rd.

Sara and Alex
Loriene's two assistants, Sara Albert and Alex Hershey, at the iSchool Alumni Reception on June 23rd.

Nikki Giovanni
Sara Albert gets books signed by Nikki Giovanni at the Spectrum Scholar 10th Anniversary Luncheon, June 24th.

Electric Slide
ALA members doing the electric slide at the 3M Reception.

Owen Hunter and Garrison Keillor
Owen Hunter meets Garrison Keillor, the Closing Session speaker.

Centerpiece at Inaugural Banquet
The centerpieces at the Inaugural Banquet on June 26th featured dreamcatchers handmade by Loriene's mother.  One person at each table had a sticker under his or her plate; whoever had the sticker got to keep the dreamcatcher after the banquet.

Keith and Loriene
Keith Michael Fiels, executive director of ALA, and the newly inaugurated ALA President at the banquet.

Beth, Loriene, and Sara
Beth Hallmark, left, is one of Loriene's former students and managed her campaign for ALA President.  Sara Albert, right, was Loriene's assistant during her President-Elect year.

Roy sisters
Three Roy sisters show off their Maori design temporary tattoos.

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