American Libraries "President's Message" columns:

May 2008: "Working Well Together"
April 2008: "Circle of Knowledge"
March 2008: "Circle of Service"
January/February 2008: "Circle of Diversity"
December 2007: "Circle of Literacy"
November 2007: "The Circle of Community"
October 2007: "Circle of Learning"
September 2007: "Start Global Connections"
August 2007: "A Celebration of Culture"

Other Selected Recent Publications:

Roy, Loriene, "Indigenous Libraries and Innovative Multicultural Services." Keynote speech at IFLA conference in Pretoria, South Africa, 15 August, 2007.

Roy, Loriene, "Service to Underrepresented Populations." Tennessee Libraries 57 (1) (2007): Available at http://www.tnla.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlebr=111

Roy, Loriene, "Inquiring Minds at the Library" [letter to the editor], The Washington Post (August 22, 2006):  A14.  Available at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/08/21/AR2006082101471.html.  Accessed on 2 September 2006.

(with Glendora Johnson Cooper, Cynthia Tysick, and Daisy Waters )
"Bridging Boundaries to Create a New Workforce: A Survey of Spectrum Scholarship Recipients,
1998-2003." Available at

Roy, Loriene, Elizabeth Hallmark, and Greg Argo, "Running and ALA Presidential Campaign: Planning, Designing, & Having Fun," Texas Library Journal 82 (2) (Summer 2006): 70-71.

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Updated 9/30/2007