Alabama-Coushatta Endorsement

The Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas, a federally recognized Tribe located in Livingston, Texas, is pleased to announce the support of Dr. Loriene Roy for President of the American Library Association for 2007-2008.  Dr. Loriene Roy has worked with the Tribe to develop and grow the tribal library and expand its services.  Through her expertise and willingness she has offered assistance in refreshing the library’s reference book collection and adding new titles including graphic novels for teen readers.  Through her work with the Honoring Generations program she has helped to arrange a needs analysis report for the library.

Through the continued work of Dr. Roy, the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe has felt the need to apply for the first time for the Institute of Museum and Library Service Enhancement Grant.  The Enhancement Grant will be used to develop a Technology Center to provide  computer/internet access to the Alabama-Coushatta community.  The Alabama-Coushatta Tribe also supports Dr. Roy’s continued work within Native American communities throughout the nation, and her continued devotion to strive for excellence in underserved populations.

Dr. Roy has become a valuable asset to Alabama-Coushatta Tribal Library and we would like to wish her continued success in all endeavors in the future.  On Monday March 27, 2006 by general (unanimous) consent the Alabama-Coushatta Tribal Council appreciates and supports Dr. Loriene Roy for the President of the American Library Association for 2007-2008.


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