Information in Cyberspace
Assignment #1

Spring 2003




Documenting a weblog
Due Date: March 4, 2003

For this assignment you will be following a weblog for 4-5 weeks. At the end of that time period you will write a paper discussing your experience.

Your paper should describe the site in question and discuss the issues it raises. While you are following the weblog and when you are writing your paper you should consider several questions:

  • Who is the intended audience of this weblog?
  • Why do you think motivates the author of this weblog?
  • Who is writing the weblog?
  • How often do they add entries to their site?
  • Why do you think the creator established this weblog?
  • Do you find yourself agreeing or disagreeing with the author? Why?

You can choose any weblog you want. Several are provided in the list below, or you can find your own. Here are a few sites (in no particular order) to get you started:

Some places to find other weblogs:

Your grade will be based on both the content of your paper and its appearance. Please pay attention to such fundamentals as spelling, grammar, and sentence construction. Sloppy or careless work will be graded down.